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PKN Presidents Orlen and GE Renewable Energy signed a cooperation agreement. Within a decade, investments in the Polish sea will cost tens of billions of zlotys. – This is a great opportunity for Orlin and very good news for Poland – confirms Minister Jacek Sassen.

PKN Presidents Orlen and GE Renewable Energy signed a strategic partnership agreement on Wednesday. Together, they want to build wind farms in the Baltic Sea. The Polish sea provides very good conditions for the development of this type of energy.

GE Renewable Energy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of turbines for offshore wind farms. It is a subsidiary of General Electric, headquartered in Paris.

Home prices are on the rise. Developers blame the government

The Polish company currently owns one concession for a mill farm with a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts, on which the Baltic Energy Project is being implemented. In the upcoming franchise actions, the company plans to acquire additional sites, using its own knowledge, experience and GE Renewable Energy.

The power potential of the Baltic Sea and windmills is about 93 gigawatts.

The investment will cost billions

President Obajtec acknowledges that these investments are linked to the European Union’s climate policy, which requires countries to reduce negative electricity production processes on the environment. Windmills in the Baltic Sea can only supply a quarter of the country with electricity.

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