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Government treasury companies spend hundreds of millions of zlotys on television advertising, but not every station earns the same amount. TVP earns a lot of advertising contracts, but it isn’t this year, and Polsat is the leader of the infamous list. TVN can count on the scratch of the state-owned enterprises.

The Wirtualne Media portal, based on Nielsen Audience Measurement data, has prepared a list of the advertising expenditures of several state-owned companies for advertising sites on TV in 2021. . He also compared these amounts to last year’s expenditures. The analysis clearly shows which stations are most admired by the ruling party’s political candidates. Undoubtedly, the biggest beneficiary of a good change is Telewizja Polska, which, apart from compensation from the state budget, can also count on generosity. comp Cabinet.

Such giants as Orlen, Grupa Lotos, Energa and Totalizator Sportowy bought ads on TVP for PLN 180.27 million, and therefore expenditures in the same period of 2020 increased by PLN 27.5 million. And while those sums make a huge impression, this year more state money is flowing into Polsat. Commenting on this data In an interview with Virtual Media The expert in the advertising market speaks directly about media corruption and is not surprised by the change in the leadership position.

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