March 27, 2023


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Wind |  New attraction in the New York skyscraper

Wind | New attraction in the New York skyscraper

(New York) Some of the lucky ones who were able to immerse themselves in the latest New York attraction this week had the idea of ​​“floating in the air,” which formed on glass and glass plates 300m above the sky. Empty, skyscraper building on the fourth height in the megalopolis.

The so-called high-speed art installation, created by artist Kenzo Digital, opens to the public on Thursday at the new One Vanderbilt Tower in central Manhattan. An elevator boldly ascends in 42 seconds for a breathtaking view of the East River and New York Island designed by Hudson.

There, visitors were treated to a kind of giant all-class laboratory on three floors, the Summit One Vanderbilt, losing all bearings and an extraordinary view.

With the feeling of “floating in the air”.

The experience “changes the feel of the place and pushes the viewer into photographs and skyscrapers,” says Kenzo Digital.

The experience allows Nick Bharath, one of the rare spectators selected before it opens on October 21, to “think about the relationship everyone is building with the city”.

Located in the corner of the famous 42e Rupee and Avenue Vanderbilt, named after Cone Peterson Fox, was built between 2016 and 2019 and opened in September 2020. It is 397 m – 427 me In New York, behind the One World Trade Center tower, in the area destroyed by the 9/11 attacks, are the residential towers of the Central Park Tower complex and the skyscraper 111 at 57e Rs.

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