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did you know? Details that went unnoticed by the media. Members of the British royal family led by the Queen They have to follow some guidelines based on the protocol. Many of them forbid showing affection in public, wearing shorts for men after 8 years, or eating sovereign after dinner. It has just been revealed that the last hours were children They can’t be a best friend at school, why?

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On the side Catherine of Cambridge, The second heir to the British throne was the father of George, Carlotta and Louise. The first two already attended the prestigious Thomas Battersea College in south London, a few kilometers from the House of Lords of Cambridge.

Rule that affects princes

8- and 6-year-olds receive a selective education such as royalty; However, having a best friend is a detail that should be taken into consideration as to how it will affect the growth of the forbidden Princess Charlotte.

This was pointed out by English journalist Jane Moore on the show ‘Loose Woman’. Reported in the Spanish edition of The reporter said that not only the children of Guillermo de Cambridge but all the students at Thomas’ Battersea School were involved.

The publication notes that the school does everything it can to ensure that students do not have a particular best friend and that this creates a sense of isolation from other children.

The school’s goal is to “be good” and all students try to get along well with their classmates, he explained. Vanity Fair. “If as a rule your son is going to give a party you can not distribute invitations in class until all the children are invited, I think it’s good because no one in that way will feel isolated (….) There are signs everywhere in the school that their goal is to be beautiful. They will not encourage you to have a best friend.Jane Moore added.

Valuable school

Thomas Battersea has an exclusive student body of 500 children between the ages of 4 and 13 and has gained international fame since the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess added their first son Prince George.

Another royal family studying there was Mount Windsor, daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II and daughter of Lord Frederick Windsor.

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