Will Unreal Engine 5 Benefit PlayStation 5 Pro? Impressive Tech Demo Shown

Although Sony has not officially announced its new console yet, there are plenty of rumors and leaks that no one can doubt the credibility of. The PlayStation 5 Pro is coming, and it may benefit from Unreal Engine 5.

All because a more powerful controller could be a driving force for developers to use Lumen and Nanite technologies more widely. Digital Foundry experts believe that the PS5 Pro will encourage many developers to play with it.thus making better use of the benefits of the latest engine. This will benefit everyone, not just buyers of Sony’s most powerful equipment.

More text below the video.

An impressive demonstration of the technology was made in feudal Japan. Everything was created using the latest version of Unreal Engine 5.4. Although the material runs on a powerful computer with a high-quality graphics card, the performance is unfortunately not that great. Digital Foundry suggests that the PS5 Pro will contribute to a broader look at the Lumen technology responsible for realistic lighting. It is used, among other things, by Hellblade 2, but to get such great graphic quality, Ninja Theory had to abandon Nanite.

The capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 are impressive, although it actually feels as if its capabilities are not being used at this point. The upcoming new generation of games on PS5, XSX and PC will certainly change this situation. Personally, I can’t wait for the next Witcher.

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