Will Ukraine defend the Kharkiv region?  Experts point to a key factor

American analysts estimate that “providing Western air defense systems and lifting restrictions on the use of weapons provided by the West against military targets on Russian territory is critical for Ukraine to be able to repel Russian attacks on Kharkiv using cruise bombs and missiles.”

Let us remember that a decision was made on Friday in Washington to allow the Ukrainians to use American weapons to attack targets inside Russia. This applies only to targets located in the immediate vicinity of Kharkiv and Sumy oblasts. Germany took a similar decision.

“These policy changes [państw zachodnich] “It will enable Ukrainian forces to use Western-supplied systems to target Russian firing points and bridgeheads in border areas and in Russian airspace,” American analysts wrote.

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Americans give the green light to Ukraine. There is one “but”

President Joe Biden has agreed that Ukraine can use U.S. weapons against Russian forces firing or preparing to attack the Kharkiv region, but a ban on the use of ATACMS and other long-range missiles on Russian territory will remain in place, a Biden administration official said. Friday.

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