Will the tunnel under the Martoa Wisa river be more ecological?  Photovoltaic farms will be built above the entrances

The farm with photovoltaic panels will be built on both sides of the tunnel entrances and will meet part of the tunnel's electricity needs (photographed by Trojmiasto.pl).

at the entrances Underpass tunnel widea map Photovoltaic farms will be built in Gdansk. The energy obtained from it is to meet some of the needs of the underwater crossing in the future and reduce its maintenance costs. The tender for the technical concept of the farm will be announced in March.

The tunnel under the Martwa Wisła is used by an average of 25,000 to 30,000 people each day. drivers. Their safety is ensured not only by personnel from the Tunnel Management Center, but also by advanced security systems: cameras, fans, lighting and traffic lights.

Tunnel equipment alone costs approx. 40 million Polish zlotystotaling 50,000 so-called points data. For comparison, on a drilling rig, which is also not very easy to use, there are three times less of them.

So running the tunnel consumes a lot of electricity. Even before the massive increase in energy prices, electricity bills were only about the same. 100 thousand PLN per month.

Unusual buildings for Tri-City. Tunnel within a tunnel under the Martua Wisła RiverUnusual buildings for Tri-City. Tunnel within a tunnel under the Martua Wisła River

Will costs be reduced by a photovoltaic farm?

Therefore, the facility manager’s initiative to reduce these costs is not surprising. In the near future, part of the tunnel’s energy needs will be met by a photovoltaic farm.

The panels will appear on both sides of the tunnel entrances, i.e. from the Ku Ujście junction, as well as from the side of the roundabout at Letnica.

However, before that happens, GZDiZ wants to check the future benefits and estimate the cost of installing this infrastructure.

A tender for this purpose will be announced in March.

– The scope of the contract will include the development of a technical concept and cost estimation of the photovoltaic farm in the Tunel Martwa Wisłą pod in three different types – he tells us Magdalena Kilgana spokesperson for GZDiZ.
The first variant assumes the creation of two farms, each of which can generate 50 kW. They will meet part of the tunnel’s electricity needs. The second and third variables must take into account the possibility of expanding the farm to 3.2 thousand. m 2 and 5.8 thousand. Square meters

Officials want to spend a maximum of tens of thousands of zlotys on analysis.

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