Will the outer mask order return?  a.  Fry about possible scenarios (video)

Watch the movie “Professor Perry on the Return of Chains”.

Mathematical models Developed by scientists from the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling at the University of Warsaw, it indicates that every week there will be more people infected with the coronavirus. Already at the end of October, 5 thousand. New infections throughout the day. At the height of the fourth wave, which according to current forecasts, It will start in December – it may be from 9 to 21 thousand. New cases daily.

Professor Christophe Berry, a virologist from Jagiellonian University spoke in “WP Newsroom” about whether it was necessary to restore the restrictions, for example Masks are also worn outside. The scientist stated that the official data on the daily increase in injuries in Poland is an underestimate. Therefore, they are not indicators on which decisions about the need to impose restrictions should be based.

With our testing strategy, we don’t really know how many infections we’re experiencing per day right now, So let’s not use numbers – said the professor. Throw.

The virologist admitted that the transmission of the coronavirus is less likely outside than indoors, but it cannot be excluded that it will also be necessary to wear masks “in the open air”.

– If there is a very large increase, we will see that there are actually more and more patients – rules must be introduced that allow all paths of transmission to be cut off. Then it will also be necessary to wear masks outside – The professor explained. Throw.

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