Will Russia give a gift to the Chinese?  Putin wants to give them 15 kilometers of the river

The Tuman River flows along a small area of ​​land in the northeastern corner of the Korean Peninsula. There the borders of China, Russia and North Korea meet. However, only the latter two countries have access to the Sea of ​​Japan on the peninsula. Chinese ships could theoretically navigate the Tumen River.

In practice, they must obtain permission from both neighbors. Moreover, the river bed is not suitable for large Chinese cargo ships. The Soviet bridge, which is only seven meters long, doesn’t help either. As a result, Chinese boats can only reach the Sea of ​​Japan by going around the Korean Peninsula. However, this may change soon. This breakthrough came during Putin’s meeting with Xi Jinping in May.

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Why does China care so much about access to the Sea of ​​Japan? The answer is simple – it’s about money, of course.

Why is Russia now returning to the topic of the Tuman River? Because it needs China’s support on the international stage more than ever before. Vladimir Putin also needs to strengthen friendship with Beijing.

He certainly hopes to obtain concessions regarding several kilometers of river and access to the Sea of ​​Japan It will make the Chinese think about military aid – This is what Russia needs regarding the war in Ukraine.

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