January 27, 2023


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Wild boars settled in Ratay.  They walk in flocks at night

Wild boars settled in Ratay. They walk in flocks at night

Recently, we find them more in the city than in the forest.

The reader sent us a video that was recorded after 10 pm in Ratajy in Poznan. Park the car to let the wild boar pass. As the animals crossed the road, the reader recorded the youngsters’ walk with the boar.

Today such a scene does not surprise anyone. Wild animals often forage at night in litter boxes or next to one’s family property. Some even say that we humans are their guests.

Wild boars went on a similar walk around the center of Poznan a year ago, and then aroused the lively interest of the population, which we wrote about over here. Then the reader wrote – Who has seen two handsome wild boars running freely in the middle of the city, near the brewery… Can the city really do anything about it?

Today it can be said that the majority of society has become accustomed to wild animals. She causes a smile, but also panics when she is left alone with a randomly met pig who protects her young. In some cities in Poland, for example in Gorzów Wielkopolski, posters with a phone number to call when someone sees a wild boar on a residential farm are hung in the stairs. However, the most sensible option seems to be to stay away from the wild boar.

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