whale It’s a movie that will take you high, somewhere into the emotional stratosphere. During the show, you’ll travel the path from being completely immersed in an ocean of sadness to flying through the skies of artistic experience straight from a different, better world. This is a great story. It restores trust in people like no other production in the modern history of the tenth god, with a brute force that strikes in the pernicious way we often wish to perceive another human being. In today’s cinema, such well-written existential dramas are like medicine. However, do not prepare yourselves for a tight psychological study; He comes back victorious behind the camera Darren Aronofsky After all, viewers probably share the most accessible image in his filmography. The universal message of this history is a direct result of its foundation on the foundations known to humanity and the facts emanating from biblical parables. Thanks to this whale It became one of the most exciting films of recent years, a unique lesson in empathy and dealing with seemingly unbearable suffering. Great merit in this Brendan FraserWho, after a long period of professional decline, returned with glory, undoubtedly playing the best role of his career – one that immediately took him to acting. It’s mainly thanks to him whale It will fill your mind and prevent you from forgetting, allowing you to rediscover the ancient truth of Hermann Melville: “My body is but the remnants of a better part of my being.”

Based on the art of being a movie script writer Samuel de Hunter The story documents 5 days of the morbidly obese Charlie (Frasier) life. The main character is so trapped in his monstrous body that he cannot even make a move on his own, during his virtual classes in creative writing he does not turn on the laptop camera, is ashamed of his appearance and blood pressure. Increased to an unprecedented level, breathing problems and frequent chest compressions clearly indicate that the protagonist may die at any moment. Nurse Liz knows this all too well (Hong Zhao), the only person who cares about a man. Charlie’s physical torment has been going on for 9 long years. We gradually discover its shocking source, when new characters more or less coincidentally appear in the apartment of the protagonist: young Thomas (You Simpkins) and ellie (Sadie Sink), the protagonist’s daughters in a disgusting way of being, whose attempts to communicate with her father were initially only selfish grounds. Over time, we will realize that the four heroes bear the cross of tragic events from the past on their shoulders, and that their mutual encounters are a strange collective therapy for them. But Aronofsky does not lead us towards a happy ending. After all, the tone of this story is given by fragments of a vague essay on the topic, repeated like a mantra Moby Dick. The person who wrote it believes that Melville showed artistic prowess in descriptions of whales, “his pathetic experiments saved us”; The whale from the aforementioned text is also a creature incapable of feeling, inevitably heading to the end of a miserable existence. Repeat these words while looking at Charlie’s face – your voice may break.

I’m not sure that in recent years 10 Muse has come as close to capturing the essence of superlative experience as in Aronofsky’s latest work. whale It is about crossing borders, a widely understood transition: from body to soul, from the limitations of the individual to emotional liberation, from hell to the purgatory of existence, from the past to the future, and from “I” to “you” or “we”. The director paints a world of loneliness, despair, and almost palpable pain before us with masterful precision; In this frighteningly pessimistic view of reality, flashes of hope are both subtle and elusive – these are particles of beauty fascinated, for example, in the life optimism of the main character, which, as part of a desperate charge, wants to make another person believe that each of us is unique of its kind. It must be emphasized very strongly that Charlie’s obesity, despite the horrific scenes of his naked and brutal body or compulsive attempts to satisfy his hunger, is not the dominant idea. whale; It is rather a metaphor for existential enslavement, laid out with a unique sensitivity, and at the same time a narrative platform for the search for a way to end the ordeal of everyday life. It resonates more because it is driven by the intensity of the action and the ever-changing center of gravity in the main characters’ interactions. Regret goes hand in hand with anger, shame goes hand in hand with sympathy, and Charlie’s gentle nature contrasts with Ellie and Liz’s sassy demeanor. All this is written under the dictation of theatrical convention, in which Aronofsky – by systematically pouring a layer of sympathy into the characters and laying layers of despair in them, who want to find an outlet – turns into an intimate drama with a strong impact on the viewer.

The production creator operates through a whole range of emotions, thanks to which he has complete control over the emotions that arise in the recipient’s mind. In one scene, he’s able to grab Charlie’s throat, showing Charlie trying to get up from his chair and go toward his daughter, and in another scene, winking at us, sharing his humorous thoughts on religious intolerance. This miraculous and subtly balanced combination would have made no sense, had it not been for Brendan Fraser, the name of the omen, the “gladiator” who does his best in every scene, as if wanting to proclaim his professional resurrection to the world through it. . In my own order, it’s the best acting tour since an exceptional performance Anthony, Hopkins in dad; Even from the myriad layers of makeup for ultra-realistic makeup, Fraser manages to offer viewers a unique insight into what his character plays in his soul. His facial expressions, looks and gestures are perfect. While they remain in Fraser’s shadow, the other cast members, including Sink, do a work of fiction; Eli reminds us of a time bomb made of reciprocal attitudes and behaviours. Those responsible for the aforementioned characterization, have reached the pinnacle of their skills, accompanied by operator Matthew Lipatick, who perfectly copes with conveying the claustrophobic and suffocating atmosphere of the story, or the composer of the soundtrack, Rob Simonsenfocusing on screen events with faint musical themes.

Although one of the brightest points whale There is a dialogue layer – the screenwriter not only deftly weaves the inflated emotions into the characters’ conversations, but also turns them into intellectual and existential-heavy duels, ironically the activating power of this film best shown in the cognition behind any word. So do not try to categorize the feelings that will remain inside you after the examination; Let another Melville quote help with this: “The most wonderful are always those that cannot be called.” I don’t know if there is any effective way for that whale to pick up. Maybe – by searching for inspiration in Moby Deco – It is so important today to enjoy the beauty that comes to us with a creature that seems very different from the most daring of imaginations. However, I have no doubt that this creature thinks, feels, experiences and still has a message for people: “You are amazing.” whoever you are.


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