Why weaken before fighting for the Champions League?  Skin: There are footballers who want to leave football

Why Poznan After seven years he regained the Polish championship. a team Maciej Skorża I got the title a week ago, when I first beat Warta in the derby (2:1), and then thereafter. Raku Shestochova lost away Zagobi Lupine (0:1).

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Lech Pozna could lose key players ahead of LM. ‘They’ve become attractive after this season’

The Lechites celebrate a great success, but the club authorities could not stand a long joy. They must do everything in their power to make sure that Skorża’s team is as well prepared as possible to fight for promotion to the group stage of the European Cups. Although Lech had a very strong and broad squad in the Spring Tour, there will be a lot of work in the summer.

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All because of the upcoming departure from the club. It is known that the loans of Tomasz Kędziora from Dynamo Kijów and Dawid Kownacki from Fortuna Duesseldorf are about to expire. In the summer, he will also leave the club Jacob Kaminskywho will move to Wolfsburg VFL. The Polish champions also announced a few days ago that they will not extend their contracts with goalkeeper Miki van der Hart and midfielder Pedro Tipa.

Lech prepares for personal changes

It has been speculated for a long time that the list of players leaving Lech will not be complete. Some players must be unhappy with their position in the club. All for a few minutes on the field.

At the press conference on Saturday after the match against Zagłębie (2:1), Skorża confirmed the rumours. – How their story will unfold, we’ll see. There will be time to talk and time to make decisions. As far as I know, what happens in the dressing room, there are some players who will change clubs. And this despite the important contract – said the coach.

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Skrowa added that they are already working in Poznan on a possible strengthening of the team. – The scouting division worked very intensively, Tomek Rzoza and Jacek Terbovsky tried to find strong players for our team. And I think we will be able to bring them back – the coach confirmed.

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