June 7, 2023


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Why is it so angry that it still needs to be crowned?

Why is it so angry that it still needs to be crowned?

Despite Putin’s accents, July 1 moves, major holidays, Quebec coronation ceremonies, and church words, Quebecs’ dissatisfaction with Catholicism is high in the community.

What are the cultural characteristics of the Cubes? Historian Laurent Durkot tries to answer this question in his book, “History Tells Us,” which has just begun.

“We should not [se sentir coupable d’utiliser des mots d’église.] Of course this is true, but in Quebec it is rooted in the religion that it is a coronation ceremony. Bowls, esters, tents, where does this come from? ”, He begins in an interview on LCN.

“We live in a secular society, and how can these coronations today be considered immoral and violated? In the 19th century, when they became popular, it was not only against the church, but also against the state. The two went together. Today the church is abandoned, but the government still exists and good morals still exist. For us, Quebec is embedded in the making of Quebec, ”explains Laurent Durcott.

That’s why he did not write “tent” on the cover of his book, but “Tabernacle”, so he concludes by explaining not to be shocked.

“I do not want to be shocked. The only thing I’m interested in is people learning things and knowing why Quebec exists today,” he concludes.

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