Who played in the movie “Let’s Make a Grandson”?  Check if you are correctly matching actors to roles

comedy “Let’s make a grandson” It premiered in 2003. He was responsible for the script and direction of this film Piotr WiershniakThe staff included many well-known and popular names. The production tells a story Cosell coupleWho are concerned that their children do not want to marry. The head of the family sets himself the goal of bringing his daughter and son to the wedding carpet.

The TikToker spoke in the voice of Ferdek and Paździoch. Kipsky fans couldn’t believe what they heard!

Quiz: Match the actors to the roles in the movie “Let’s Make a Grandchild”

Do you remember who played? The main roles in “Let’s make a grandson”, Who appeared in the background? Included the exams waiting for you 13 questions, Where you have to match the hero referred to in this movie with the names of the actors and actresses who appear in it. Be sure to check how many questions you can answer correctly!

Can you match the actor for the role in “Let’s Make a Grandchild”? Test yourself in the test!

Question 1 of 13

The role of Marian Kosela is played by:

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