Who missed Mitchnewich?  Eight names on the absent Polish national team list

Up to five goalkeepers, five attackers and four players for left and right defense. Czeslav Michenewicz hasn’t hired such a large number of staff yet, but This was perhaps the only such situation during his tenure, when nearly 40 players appeared in the training camp of the Polish national team.. What is the chosen plan? – We’ll [tę liczbę – przyp. red.] It decreases at each training camp, because the next round of the League of Nations will be in September, and then we will invite fewer players. Well, then in November, the target group for the World Championships – Michniewicz said a few days ago.

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Vukovic can’t complain about the lack of performances. “I have no problem answering the phone”

The absence of Czeslaw Michenewicz from the training camp of the Polish national team. Who was missing?

There was room for three players for the first time (Kamil Pestka – Krakow defender; Gabriel Slonina – Chicago Fire goalkeeper; Jacob Keiuer – defender Spezia Calcio), but there was not enough room to host Message Repos Or Arkadiusz Reca, which has been chosen regularly in the past few years by previous selectors. Who will miss the next training camp? Poland national team?

  • Macyj Repos (Lokomotiv Moscow, 66 appearances in the national team, 2 goals and 14 assists)

– He terminated his contract with locomotive He received an offer to extend it, but he also has other offers from Russia and other leagues. It is a difficult time for him. Maybe he’ll stay in Russia eventually, so we wanted to avoid the confusion that might arise from this – Czeslav Michenewicz said about the Rebus situation. The defender’s contract expires at the end of the current season. The manager wanted to avoid a situation where the 32-year-old was not as properly focused on training or the game as he was thinking about his future. Repos already said that making the decision to leave Russia was difficult for him because of his family from there. The footballer himself has been playing in the Russian League since 2012.

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Wichniarek turned to Puchacz. cliched call

Let us remind you that it will be the third training camp in a row, during which Maciej Rybus will be absent. In October, an injury kept him out of attendance. During the March meeting, during which the Poles won promotion to the 2022 World Cup, he was prevented from contracting the coronavirus.

  • Arcadios Rika (15 matches in the national team, 1 assist)

Arkadiusz Reca made his Polish debut in September 2018 during Jerzy Brzęczek’s tenure. Wisła Kraków’s current coach regularly bets on the Spezia Calcio player. When Paulo Sousa took charge in January 2021, Rica spent just 82 minutes on the field. He returned to the staff at the time of Chislau Michenewicz. The 26-year-old played in a friendly match against Scotland (1-1 on March 24). – He will have a knee cleaning, so in June he will not be at our disposal – Michniewicz said a few days ago. His absence opened an opportunity for Camille Pestka.

  • Kacper Kozłowski (5 matches in the national team, 3 assists)

He is the youngest player in last year’s European Championship, and a different mission is set for him in the coming weeks. Kacper KozłowskiHe plays on loan until the end of this season Royal Union St Gilois, will not appear in the training camp of the first Polish national team, because he was called up to the under-21 team. Maciej Stolarczyk will play on June 2 against San Marino and on June 7 against Germany. These will be key meetings in the fight for participation in the 2023 European Championship.

  • Kamil Petkowski (3 matches in the national team, 1 assist)

Issue Kamel Petkovsky It is almost identical to Kacper Kozłowski. defender Red Bull Salzburg has been called up to a training camp Poland national under-21 team. But it turned out that the 21-year-old would not even play in the youth team. His presence ruled out an infection. Piątkowski made his national team debut during Sousa’s tenure, then played in three matches. Ten days or so ago, he celebrated winning the double crown. RB Salzburg won the championship and the Austrian Cup.

  • Sebastian Kowalczyk (0 matches with the national team)

He received a phone call from Paulo Souza at the same time as Kacper Kozłowski. – This is my dream and my goal, and I strive to play in the national team – he said after the list was announced in March 2021. To this day, he has not managed to make his debut in it. However, Sebastian Kowalczyk remains one of the key players in Bogo Szczecin. In the current season, he has 30 league matches, in which he scored six goals and scored four assists.

  • Mikhail Halik (7 matches in the national team, 1 assist).

Michel Helik He is also injured, and he will return to Poland for treatment here – Mukhtar said about the 26-year-old’s absence. However, the problems of the center back in the context of the national team may only begin. a team FC Barnsley was relegated to the First Division this season, as well as Derby County, played by Christian Bielik.. – I said that in the third class in England he will not go to the World Cup. He should play in a higher league – play open cards with the midfielder Ceslav Michenewicz. The same may apply to Helik.

  • Bawi Dawidowicz (8 matches in the national team)

Paweł Dawidowicz He is feeling much better after torn ligaments in his right knee, but he is “not 100 percent ready yet”. The footballer began training with the team in the second half of April and even managed to play against Torino. Ceslav Michenovic made a decision not to hire the player from Hellas Verona, which the player himself informed of.

Grzegorz KrychowiakKrechowiak’s problems before the bootcamp. break change

  • Bartosz Salamon (10 matches in the national team, 1 assist).

He also lost a battle against time Bartosh Salmon. – Michniewicz said of his situation in need of healing. defender Why Poznan He was left out of the starting line-up in a friendly match against Scotland and at the end of the first half slipped on wet grass during a duel with an opponent. He suffered an adductor muscle injury that ruled him out at the end of the season. The last match in the Polish national team was almost historic for him, because he returned to the national team after a break of six years.

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