May 28, 2023


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Which tablet to choose? Ranking 2023

We offer to order tablets. Here you will find the best tablets from PLN 1000 and above – mobile devices for work and entertainment in a smaller and larger version. We suggest what a good tablet should contain in 2023 and which models meet these requirements.

Best tablets on the market – which do we have to choose from today?

Good tablets can largely replace laptops, offering greater mobility and touch operation. Yes, its functionality in typical PC tasks is less, but in many cases it can be very practical. They’re great for recreational applications, like watching movies or playing games, but also for more serious: while learning or even as a tool for work.

The best tablets you can buy in 2023 represent just a few families (or dozens). Unlike laptops or smartphones, manufacturers do not outpace each other in the number of models and their variants available. On the one hand, this greatly facilitates the choice, on the other hand, it limits competition, so sometimes it is necessary to pay a large amount just to get a certain function or advantage. When creating this arrangement, we tried to take into account the needs and preferences of different user groups. Here is the effect…

What tablet to buy? Ranking of Tablets 2023:

A good tablet – which one to choose? What should it contain and what should you pay attention to?

When looking for a tablet, you need to answer a few questions:

  • What size tablet am I interested in? Small tablets are not much larger than today’s smartphones (8-9 inches) and are aimed at people for whom mobility is a priority. Universal devices are 10 or 11 inches, large tablets (more than 12 inches) are a good choice for people who want to watch movies or work on their devices.
  • What do I want to use the tablet for? For normal daily use, a simple tablet with 3-4 GB of RAM and a typical screen size will suffice. For work and leisure, a larger tablet with at least 6GB of memory and a better processor will be best. In the case of movies, it is also worth taking care of a capacious battery (preferably more than 10,000 mAh) and good stereo speakers.
  • Where do I want to use my tablet? If you’re mainly at home, a model with Wi-Fi will suffice. However, if you are looking for a tablet with the intention of using it outside the home, it is better to pay extra for the variant with cellular connectivity: LTE or 5G.

Of course, the answers to these questions do not exhaust the topic, but they allow you to significantly shorten the list of models considered. And one more thing: the answer to the question of how much you want and can spend on such a device is very important. And almost…

How much does a good tablet cost in 2023?

Prices for decent tablets start around PLN 1200 – 1500. For the price, you can expect a good device for browsing the web and using basic apps. The most universal models cost from PLN 2 to 3 thousand and are perfect, for example, for watching movies and series or playing mobile games. On the other hand, you have to spend about PLN 5,000 or more on equipment for professional use. For example, flagship iPad Pros are priced at twice that price.

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Now let’s move on to the details…

What is the best tablet right now? Ranking brings the answer

In another rating, we recommend the best tablets up to PLN 1000, here you will find only the most inexpensive models. Check out this post if you’re looking for something cheaper, but if you’re interested in decent gear for work or leisure, you’re in the right place. Our menu opens…

You can get one for the same money realme panel 10.4.0 And Huawei MatePad SE. Both devices deserve to be recommended, but in our ranking we now rise a little higher …

It’s no secret that iPads are in the forefront of the best tablets on the market (and even in this ranking there will be a few of them). One of the most interesting suggestions is…

For more requirements, Samsung has prepared two higher models: Galaxy Tab S8 + It offers a 12.4-inch AMOLED screen and a 10,090mAh battery Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – 14.6-inch AMOLED screen, 11200 mAh battery. It can be an interesting alternative to pro …

This is a brief summary of our current list of the best tablets on the market. Did you manage to find the perfect model for yourself in it? We think so, but if you don’t have any questions about it – feel free to ask them in the comment section.