Where will new roads be built in Poland by 2030?  And the list goes on and on

The Ministry of Infrastructure has developed a project New Road Program, which is a continuation of the existing National Road Construction Program for the period 2014-2023, which provides a list of investments on national roads that the government has planned for implementation in the third decade of the twenty-first century. The total investment cost will be More than 291 billion PLN By 2030, it will provide that Building about 8 thousand km modern methods.

The main objective of the program is Building a coherent network of national roadsthat ensure the efficient operation of passenger and cargo transportation on the roads. The construction of the national road network is being carried out in stages. Many investment projects that have been undertaken so far are still in progress Completed and commissioned. The following is performed. These are primarily investment assignments from the 2014-2023 National Road Construction Program, with a perspective to 2025.

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The National Road Construction Program 2014-2023 (with a outlook to 2025) provides for the construction of 250 km of highways and 2,700 km of highways, as well as many city ring roads on the national road network. The implemented investment activities will lead to the completion of the construction:

  • the entire A1 motorway;
  • the A2 motorway to Biała Podlaska;
  • redevelopment of the A18;
  • Highway S1;
  • motorway S2 – Southern Passage to Warsaw;
  • the S3 motorway from Świnoujście to the state border;
  • motorway S5 from Wroclaw to Nowe Marzy;
  • motorway S6 from Szczecin to Tri-City;
  • motorway S7 from Tri-City to Rabka (without the northern exit from Warsaw to Czosnów);
  • highway S11 Koszalin – Bobolice;
  • The western lane of Lodz along the S14;
  • From the highway S12 Piaski – Dorohusk;
  • The entire S17 highway, S19 the S61;
  • 43 ring road along national roads.

However, this is not the end of Poland’s road construction plans. Another concern 2030. They assume full Connecting county cities to highways.

The main goal is Complete the entire motorway and motorway network in Polandthat is, the missing sections of the S10, S11, S12, S16, S74, the border section of the A2, or the construction of the Beskidzka Integration Road S52.

Investments will also take care of smaller ways.

as part of The National Road Construction Program until 2030 (with a perspective to 2033) The government plans to build, among other things:

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