When does a supernova explode?  Scientists figured out how to check it

Scientists are able to choose which stars will soon cease to exist. here they are large diameter red giants and a relatively low mass (8-20 solar masses). Among them, for example BetelgeuseWhich is often mentioned when talking about explosions in space.

it’s because of He is in the last stage of a huge star’s life. In addition, she is relatively close to us, and in 2019 she became the main character in an incident involving a sudden decrease in brightness. Scientists expect that It will erupt as a supernova soon.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to predict exactly when this explosion could occur. The last post in the pages may help dispel doubts Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyLLC.

A report was published in the magazine that massive stars lose their luster in the last stage of their lives. A few months before the explosion A dying star gets a hundred times darkerWhat caused the sudden? Accumulation of matter around the starWhich effectively reduces the penetration of light.

done Simulation seems to confirm this, indicating the supposed appearance of the red giant before the explosion. They showed that in the last days of a star’s life, it turned out to be so intense that it’s almost Completely blocks her glow.

in addition to Scientists look at data from telescopesWhich photographed the stars a year before they exploded. It turned out that its brightness remained the same, which may mean that the accumulation of matter around the star lasts from several months to several months.

It’s kind of a prediction hack Huge star explosions in the universe. Until now, it has not been possible to investigate aspects that might suggest to scientists that the star is about to explode.

This caused it Careful studies of supernovae did not begin until a few hours after the explosion. During this time, you may have lost a lot of relevant information. The new publication’s conclusions will enable scientists to track a supernova explosion even in real time.

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