What to Do If Your Lower Back Hurts?

With lower back pain, every movement causes severe discomfort. A person cannot walk or even sit normally, his life turns into real torture. What causes lower back pain? Is it possible to improve your well-being and completely solve the problem? We tell you in our article.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

People of any age are susceptible to lower back pain. Some people experience discomfort only occasionally, while for others the pain becomes chronic.

Low back pain can be specific or nonspecific. In the first case, the discomfort is caused by some kind of disease or injury. In the second, it is not possible to accurately determine their cause.

According to the World Health Organization, in 90% of cases, low back pain is nonspecific. Most often it is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, refusal to play sports, or, conversely, excessive strength loads.

How to Deal With Low Back Pain at Home?

If you suspect that back pain is caused by high loads on your back, ensure that you get proper rest. For example, after preparing the beds for the summer season, give up physical work and intense training for a few days.

At home, you can apply an anesthetic gel to your back and take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug tablet.

It is important to remember that lower back pain can be caused by inflammatory processes. Therefore, under no circumstances should you use warming ointment, apply heating pads, or try to relieve pain in a bathhouse or sauna.

Treatment of Lower Back Pain

For lower back pain, the neurologist carefully collects the patient’s medical history, determines the current neurological status and selects the necessary treatment regimen

The treatment strategy for patients with specific low back pain is aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease. For example, if the pain is caused by kidney stones, the doctor will treat that specific condition.

Complex therapy for nonspecific lower back pain includes:

Refusal of intense physical activity.

Physical rehabilitation – performing exercises aimed at strengthening the muscle corset.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Drug treatment.

Most often, the treatment regimen includes the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets or injections, muscle relaxants to reduce muscle tone and local application of painkillers.

Instruments such as ultrasound, magnetic and laser therapy, therapeutic massage and manual therapy are used as physiotherapy.


⁠⁠It is possible to maintain a healthy back for many years. To prevent lower back pain, follow these recommendations:

Play sports. As part of the prevention of back and lower back pain, I recommend regularly engaging in physical therapy, attending fitness classes in the following areas: Pilates, stretching, yoga, MFR.

Follow safety precautions at work and at home. Do not lift heavy objects and wear non-slip shoes in icy conditions. During your workouts, lift weights under the supervision of a trainer who will make sure you perform the exercises correctly.

Watch your weight. Excess body weight puts a strain on the spine. Count calories and don’t overeat.

Add foods rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet for strong bones and healthy joints. For example, fish, cottage cheese, nuts. Be sure to consume fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.

Stop smoking. This habit provokes spasms of blood vessels and capillaries, reduces collagen synthesis and bone density. Quitting cigarettes will reduce the risk of lower back pain.

Set up a comfortable workspace. If you spend most of your time sitting, buy a good chair with back support. Place the monitor at a comfortable distance from your eyes and adjust its height so you can see straight ahead.

Buy a good firm mattress. A sagging sofa can “kill” even a healthy back. People spend a significant part of their lives sleeping, and it is important to create comfortable conditions for rest.

Chronic lower back pain affects the ability to work and emotional state. Preventive measures can help, but sometimes you may need additional support. For those interested in sports betting, platforms like Bet22 offer a range of options to engage in while ensuring you rest your back properly. Remember, taking care of your health should always be a priority.

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