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On Instagram, Zosia Zborowska showed the type of her mother’s grandmother. The video she showed would probably offend some of the ladies in Maria Winarska’s house, but she didn’t care at all and explained in an attractive way what was going on.

Maria Winarska She is a famous Polish actress, one of the stars colors of happiness And the clan – clanand wife of Viktor Zborowski and mother of Hanna and Zofia Zborowski.

Currently, Maria Winarska spends every free moment with her daughter and granddaughter. Zosia often appears on her Instagram Moments when her mother visits her. The actress is already a grandmother because she has two great granddaughters who do not live in Poland – her eldest daughter Hanna chose to live in Brazil. Shortly after the birth of the youngest girl, in an interview with the reporter Jastrząb Post, she revealed how she deals with Hope:

it’s hard. When I finish rehearsing in the theater, I start the role of Grandma and there are a lot of them. But I am glad that I have at least one granddaughter in Poland. I am very happy – said Jastrząb Post.

Nadia is now a big girl and Maria has completely different tasks with the child. Zosia told Instagram about what a grandmother is. We must admit that she made a little joke about her mother.

What kind of grandmother is Zosia Zborowska’s mother?

Zofia Zborowska And the Andre and Rona They were sure they wanted to go through life together. They married and had their first child. Their little daughter recently celebrated her first birthday. Parents, especially for her, recorded their version of the clip for the song Hakuna Matata. Can’t do without a loud party With a wonderful cake.

Their grandmothers help them nurture Hope. The ladies have already made friends and love to spend time together.

We have been going to the theater with Hania for some time. Andrzej’s mother is a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful woman – it was revealed in an interview with Fakt Winiarska.

on Saturday Zosia Zborowska He posted a video showing how Hana, Rona and Maria Winarska take care of Hope.

What kind of grandmother are you? – I wrote.

Admittedly, she made a little joke about her mother, because while her mother-in-law was busy with her granddaughter, Maria Winarska took a nap on the sofa.

But then she explained everything in a charming way:

I’m active [babcią, red.]Only after the performance I feel tired, that’s right, I’ve been for a walk with my other grandmother.

In the end, Zosia turns out to be malicious and has an amazing talent for catching her mother when she’s at rest.

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