February 4, 2023


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What is the future if we love each other?  Louis Chico explains by releasing an open letter

What is the future if we love each other? Louis Chico explains by releasing an open letter

Following the releaseAn article Inside Duty, We learned that Louis Chicoin was the subject of a complaint by a professional order of sexologists in Quebec.

We did not know then what the sequel to the popular show meant. If we loved each other.

Friday, Louise Sigouin shared Open letter In Montreal Journal Explain that she is retiring from the order.

Although I do not know the outcome of this complaint at this stage, I will continue to handle this complaint, and I have chosen to opt out of the Ordre professionalnel des sexologues du Québec. This act, while resolving the situation by order, seems to me to be the only possible solution that would allow me to continue my promises on the participants of the 4th season of Duo Productions with complete peace of mind if we loved each other.

Based on the outcome of the complaint, I will make a decision on whether I will continue to be a member of the college that I consider important and essential to the safety of the public. I do not feel that I need my immediate membership in the order to continue my operations on s’aimer or within the framework of the partner I provide to my clients. “, She explains.

She adds: ” In this context I am very grateful for the support of my clients, viewers, readers and ex-participants as well as the unwavering support of Duo Productions, TVA and Quebecor content.

When participants appeared on the TV show, despite the help and action, if they experienced the feeling of not being adequately supported and supported, let me know what worries me the most.

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Thus, watch the 4th season as planned If we loved each other Next season. Note that TVA also producesSpecial edition, details of which can be found here.