December 6, 2022


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What Francis Marison, Dominican Christian Singer Died |  Celebrities |  NNDA NNLT |  Fame

What Francis Marison, Dominican Christian Singer Died | Celebrities | NNDA NNLT | Fame

Three days after turning 47, Dominican Christian singer Francis Morrison passed away this Sunday, January 9, 2022, leaving thousands of fans around the world in mourning.

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The sad news was confirmed Harmony Group From , That their He posted his photo with a few words of farewell to one of his best friends.

“Today, our hearts are full of sorrow. Our dear Francis Marison was already left in the arms of his father. We will keep your joy, your strength, your attitude, your commitment, your love for your life, your passion for music, your songs and everything you have taught us in our lives. May you rest in peace and may the earth be a light to you. We will always love you “, They wrote on the networks.

What did Francis Morrison die for?

In 2014, the Dominican artist was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that ended in his sentence because he passed away at a young age.

What happened was that the cancer she had, despite struggling to progress for years, entered a stage of metastasis, which means it spreads to different parts of the body.

Thus, the cancer, which was originally in the breast, spread to the bones and lungs, ending her life on Sunday, January 9th.

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The Dominican Republican singer has died at the age of 47 after a long battle with cancer. (Photo: Francis Marison / Instagram).

Francis Morrison’s last post on social media

Francis Marison Walked away from everyone, including , His condition worsened in November last year, so he did not make any release until the end of his days.

On that occasion, he had the opportunity to greet all of his colleagues on Musician Day and to hear about the health of Santa Cecilia, who is already deteriorating as the days go by.

She will be with me at all times. What would I be without her? Happy Musician Day to all my colleagues. I urge Santa Cecilia not to stop interceding for me. “, Wrote.

As was clear from her background, she was a person of faith, and she always believed in everything God had in her path.

Songs by Francis Marison

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