What does a black hole sound like?  NASA provides recordings from Chandra

Black holes still hide many secrets from us. Meanwhile, we have the opportunity to listen to the sounds made by these types of objects. For this purpose, the data collected by Chandra X-ray Observatory belonging to NASA.

It is worth adding that this is Sounds that the human ear cannot normally hear. They were lifted by professionals 57 or 58 octaves above their true tune and thanks to this we have the opportunity to listen to them in the video below shared by NASA.

These sounds were created on the basis of sound waves collected by the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which recorded data from the Perseus Galaxy far from us. About 200 million light-years away. In its center is a huge black hole.

NASA explains that the Perseus Galaxy has been associated with sounds since 2003. Then scientists discovered that pressure waves emitted by the black hole cause ripples in the hot gas. These notes can then be translated into notes that the human ear would not normally hear.

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