What do women want?  After this film, Mel Gibson could not stay away from fans.  However, problems appeared quickly

in 1985 Mel Gibson Praised by People magazine Attractive man alive. Although he was considered handsome and hasn’t been able to conquer fans since then, the Playboy patch stuck to him after his role in Movie What do women want? Today, Mel Gibson is having a second young man with a new partner.

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From being a tough cop to being a filmmaker. Mel Gibson is not afraid of challenges

Although Mel Gibson’s popularity was due to his role in Movie In 1979 Mad Max began his career as a tough guy in earnest with the role of Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon. Then things went like clockwork. Gibson has performed, among others, in productions of “Tequila Sunrise”, “Air America”, “Ptaszek na teched” and “Maverick”. He was also called John Smith in a cult fairy tale Disney “Pocahontas”.

Gibson also began to develop as a director and producer. “A Man Without a Face” was his directorial debut, and then it got even better. The production of “Brave Heart. Brave Heart”, in which he also played the main role, proved that Gibson is Representative About really huge potential. In 1996, he received two Academy Awards – for Best Director and Best Film of the Year – for this production.

Later, there were roles that made Mel Gibson seen not only as a tough cop, but also as a man who could play roles in romantic productions. He showed himself from the soft side in “Hamlet” and then appeared as the “sex god” in the comedy “What Women Want”. However, it was a change for a while. Gibson returned to the roles of tough guys, playing the main roles in the films “The Patriot”, “The Signs” and “We Were Soldiers”.

In 2004, he began to prove that he sometimes focuses better on directing than acting. He has even been compared to Clint Eastwood. Then the problems started. His career was largely called into question due to the controversy that overshadowed the talent.

What does a woman want? Mel Gibson thought he figured it out. Time has shown that this is not entirely

In the romantic comedy “What Women Want” he appeared alongside him Helen Huntwhich created a unique duo. Fans did not leave the actor behind, and at that time he was in a relationship with Robin Moore for more than 20 years. It was with her that he had seven Young Six sons and one daughter. The couple separated in 2006, but only officially broke up in 2011. It was rumored that Robyn left half of Gibson’s fortune. It earned about $425 million.

Mel Gibson and Maria Bello in The Hour of VengeanceMaria Bello was Mel Gibson’s mistress in “The Hour of Vengeance”. Now he’s creating a relationship with a woman

There have been reports of the actor’s alcoholism, drug driving, domestic violence and drug addiction. He was accused of homophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and misogyny. It is also worth noting that he declared himself a devout Catholic for most of his life. Suddenly, in 2003, he founded his own Church of the Holy Family, where the Latin Liturgy is celebrated, the head covering is obligatory, and the priest does not face parishioners during prayer.

In the atmosphere of scandal, he became engaged to Russian singer Oksana Grigoriwa in 2007, with whom he had a daughter, Lucia. The couple broke up in April 2010, and just two months later, Grigorieva applied for a restraining order from Gibson. The perpetrator was accused of domestic violence.

Mel Gibson encounters a second guy. He also got a chance from Hollywood

Since 2014, Gibson has been in a relationship with the 31-year-old former vault champ and writer Rosalind Ross. Interestingly enough, his wife is younger than some of his children. In 2017, the couple welcomed their son – Lars Gerrard, who is Mel Gibson’s ninth son.

Mel Gibson gets a second chance from Hollywood. He was appreciated again as a director when he introduced the drama “The Survivors Pass” to the world in 2016. For this production, he received a Golden Globe Award for Best Director. It was also nominated for an Oscar. In 2022 the shooting of “Father Stowe” began, the film, in which we will see Gibson and Mark Wahlberg in the main roles. The director will be … the actor’s darling, Rosalind Ross.

Mel Gibson is no longer the same.  At first glance, it is difficult to guess that this is the actor.  The latest photos are the best proof of this.Mel Gibson looked like this two years ago. right Now? Dirty clothes and an unkempt beard are not enough

Those close to Gibson believe he paid a heavy price for his mistakes and showed himself to be a different person. He has been sober for the past 10 years and has not sparked any new controversy around him. According to the magazinediverseGibson is known as a respected and likable companion and has a strong work ethic on the group.

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