What a team!  Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice in a zombie comedy
After a decade-long hiatus, Chuck Norris has starred in a feature film again. The actor is one of the stars of the comedy “Zombie Plane.”

What do we know about the movie “Zombie Plane”?

The film is an Australian production that aims to capitalize on nostalgia for the 1990s, and is a comedy in which many people who became famous three decades ago appear in episodes.

In the film, Chuck Norris will play a fictionalized version of himself, the head of a secret spy agency. His ward and best student is Vanilla Ice, played by Vanilla Ice. Popular Australian singer Sophie Monk will also play a fictionalized version of herself.

“zombie plane” It will happen in the near future. Humanity is on the verge of disaster due to the zombie epidemic. A secret government agency recruits the best spies and celebrities to take on the danger that threatens the world together.

The film is directed by Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Pierre. He’s already been shot. They were shot in Australia.

The creators will try to interest international distributors in their film at the American Film Market in November.

Chuck Norris returns to the movies

Chuck Norris is an American actor best known for the series “Watchmen Texas”. And many action movies. but The last time we saw him in the cinema was in 2012 in the action movie “The Expendables 2.”. Norris has since moved on to other things (including supporting the far right in subsequent elections).

Norris has been the face of numerous promotions. Among them was the arms manufacturer Glock, which caused a wave of criticism in connection with the numerous tragedies that resulted from uncontrolled access to firearms by mentally unstable people.

From time to time, Norris returned to acting. However, these were episodes in the series (“Hawaii 5.0”) and video games )“Crime Boss: Rokai City”).

“The Expendables 2” movie trailer

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