What a slap!  A giant crushed in the Champions League.  One step away from the Polish pfinau

We lived to see the good times of Polish volleyball. a year ago Champions League Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn Koźle won in an unusual style, defeating all the largest companies. Maybe this season is better: ZAKSA and this coal Jastrzębski They are on their way and getting closer and closer to securing a place for Poland in the finals of the Games Once in a row. In addition, developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów has historically won Vakifbank Istanbul and has a chance to knock the club’s world champion out of the Champions League. And all this is not really a dream!

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Poles Cup volleyball in the shadow of events in Ukraine. “I can’t imagine that we are playing with the Russian national team”

Jastrzębski introduced field art. Play lob in three groups

But on Tuesday, Jastrzębski Węgiel did something incredible. It was probably already conceivable after last season’s performance against Cucine Lube Civitanova ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-KoźleBut it’s still wonderful. But the Polish team defeated the Italian giant in three sets, which not even the team of Nikola Grbic did not manage to achieve last season. What a slap he was!

Andrea Giardini’s players organized a dance for only one team in Italy. They didn’t even invite Loeb to the dance floor, even though it was their home game. They won in sets to 22nd, 23rd and 19th! The Polish national team’s joy after the match is a moment that volleyball fans in Italy will not forget for a long time, or even never. Jastrzębie’s team knocked them out of their heads too soon that none of the Lube players had time to think about it. Although the Italians were the favorites before the match, the Jastrzębie players played more than great – it was an art on the field. Sometimes they hit so hard that the ball bounced randomly off the opponent’s other players. They didn’t know what was going on.

The developers have made the impossible possible! The best coach in the world can only ignore. Horror in the Champions League

Massera blocked Simon. This is how Jastrzębski took control of the Italian giant

In the first game, the main event – as is often the case matches Against Loeb – there was a block on Robertland Simon. Cuba’s 206 cm center midfield did not break through the block set by Jacob Masera (202 cm tall) in the second move of the match, who had not even played at PlusLiga level a year ago.

For most of the group, Jastrzębski had a significant advantage, sometimes 4-5 points. It got scary in the end when he started losing it and Loeb equalized at 19:19. Eventually, the Poles returned to take control of the group and meet. They beat it to 22. Someone will say it’s a small difference. With lubrication Any teams other than the group that won the advantage until recently would have honored the Polish club almost higher than a PlusLiga medal. Jastrzębski Węgiel dominated in this way, which he did not lose until the end of the match.

The names in the lob do not matter. torn to shreds

Loeb started the second set better, but could not score more than two points. At 12:11, the Jastrzębie-Zdrój players advanced, not giving up until the end of the match, although the Italians tried not to give up until the end. In the end, Giardini’s team defeated them 25:23.

The clever play of Tomasz Fornal, done by Trevor Clevenot, and especially Jan Hadrava, or raised in defense of Jacob Popiochak, as well as this genius mind of General Benjamin Toniotti – all this means that names like Simon mentioned above, Ivan Zaitsev, Riccardo Lucarelli and Marlon were not Yant Herrera are important. Jastrzębski Węgiel smashed Loeb to pieces. Especially in the last match he won 19.

Blengeni’s faces symbolize Lube’s defeat. This is how you lose your job in Italy

The most telling picture of the whole match? Broadcast producer proofs of the match to Loeb coach, Gianlorenzo Blingini. His face in the last set didn’t change at all. He had no idea what to do to defeat Jastrzębski. He was on the verge of collapse, and he barely had the strength to look at the field. In one of the demand interruptions, he seemed to tell his players that he was tired of them.

After these matches in Italy, you lose your job. Because CEOs are impatient there and often can’t stand such disasters. However, it is not surprising that Loeb loses leagueWhere Sir Safetye Perugia did not win the Italian Cup, they are now up against the wall in the Champions League.

Dmitriy Teromenko“My wife has been hiding in the shelter for 12 days.” A desperate plea to the Poles. “Excuse”

This is how almost no one has won with the great Lube in Europe

Anyway: The last time Loeb lost a match 0:3 in the Champions League semi-finals of the 2015/2016 season, when Trentino entered the final. The victory of Jastrzębski Węgiel can only be compared to the victory PGE Skry Bełchatów From February 2015, when the Polish team also beat the Italians in three sets, including one point for only 13 points.

However, that was before the era of the club’s greatest success – five consecutive Italian Championships, three Scudetto medals and a 2019 Champions League win. Let’s set things right: no one has won with a lubricant giant in impressive style like Jastrzębski Coal. Let this be the greatest testament to his current strength.

Polish fight for the final? Just a step. “A Polish game would be a great thing”

– Fail? There is no such scenario yet. The drawing is difficult, and the fall from Lube is known to be explainable. But we don’t want to make excuses. We will try to play at this level even if we do not get into the top four, we will not bring shame. The Champions League is played to beat such giants. This is the only way to fight for the main trophy – Adam Gurull told us after the Champions League quarter-final draw. Therefore, the head of Jastrzębski Węgiel should be congratulated.

And I hope to reach the Polish semi-finals, because if Jastrzębski Węgiel enters the next stage of the tournament after throwing a lob, he will play Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The player entered the fight for the final without a match with Dynamo Moscow – after a loss awarded due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rzeszów volleyball players take off their teams during the UEFA Champions League matchSomething strange about the Champions League. A forbidden gesture from the Polish national team towards Ukraine

– I think it was good, because thanks to this there is a chance that two Polish teams will be in the semi-finals, and this also gives us a guaranteed final. However, we don’t look that far into the future and focus on Lube. Although it is known: a Polish match in the semi-finals will be a great thing – Gurull told us. Now such a scenario – how beautiful for a Polish fan – is really close.

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