March 21, 2023


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Weekend TV show.  The best movies and series [piątek, sobota, niedziela]

Weekend TV show. The best movies and series [piątek, sobota, niedziela]

You will spend the weekend of May 6-8 in the company of strong male champions. The small screen will host, among other things Keanu Reeves like John Wick, Christian Bell Like the Dark Knight – Batman, Sylvester Stallone like rambo or Robert Patterson Like the vampire Edward Cullen from the saga “Twilight”. What else is on the weekend TV show? Here are our suggestions.

Weekend TV Show – Friday 6 May

“World War Z” is a classic zombie apocalypse – the world as we know it ends when a mysterious disease turns people into bloodthirsty monsters. Starring Brad Pitt as a United Nations employee searching for a cure for all evil. “John Wick” It is a feast for B-movie fans. The story of the highest-paid killer who enters the path of revenge has its die-hard fans – suffice it to say that Keanu Reeves played this character three times, with the fourth part of the series. Released in cinemas March 2023

A music scene awaits fans of light TV entertainment on Friday Your face looks familiar (Pulsat, 20:05) and a realistic show “Gogglebox. In front of the TV” (TTV, 20:35).

  • “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, TVN, 20:00
  • “Colors of Happiness”, TVP2, 20:10
  • “Unacceptable Cruelty” TVN7, 20:30
  • “Detective Murdoch” (TV series), epic drama, 20:30
  • “Father Matthews” (serial), TVP1, 20:35
  • “John Wick”, TV Puls, 10:00 p.m.
  • “World War Z”, Polsat, 22:10
  • “It’s all for her”, TVP1, 22:15
  • “Blade – the eternal hunter”, TVN, 23:20
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Weekend TV Show – Saturday 7 May

Saturday evening can be spent in the company of one of the biggest stars of the screen – Judy Garland. In a cinema icon in a biographical drama “Judy” Renee Zellweger plays. Also on Saturday, a real treat for fans of British crime fiction – the Epic Drama will show the first two episodes of the series. “Inspector gently”. It is a television series based on a series of novels written by Alan Hunter and starring a British actor Martin ShawKnown for his roles in the series “The Professionals” and “Judge John Dead”. In the entertainment department, the show reigns supreme “Singer Mask” (TVN, 20:05).

  • “Twilight”, TVN7, 20:00
  • “Kwalski vs. Kowalski” (TV series), Polsat, 20:00
  • “Commissioner Alex” (TVP1), 20:35
  • “Madagascar 2”, Pulsat, 21:00
  • “Oh, life!” , TVN, 21:30
  • “Inspector Gently” (series), epic drama, 21:30
  • “Judy” TVP1, 21:35
  • “Riviera for Two”, TVP2, 23:00
  • “Tron: Dziedzictwo”, Polsat, 23:00
  • “Batman: The Beginning”, TVN, 23:50

Weekend TV Show – Sunday May 8

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fell in love with each other on the set of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smithwhich appeared on the TV show on Sunday. The first movie starring Brangelina was a worldwide success, grossing nearly half a billion dollars, which certainly contributed to the romance scandal and the breakup of Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Today, when Pitt and Jolie’s 12-year relationship also ended, this movie is watched with even greater interest.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock and two comedy specials Kevin Hart and Jack Black are a trio that makes a family adventure game Jumanji: Adventure in the Jungle takes blush. Great fun guaranteed, and a little entertainer can choose a reality show for it “Love Sanatorium” (TVP1, 21:15) or game show “Bet a Million” (TVP2, 20:00).

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  • “Jumanji: Adventure in the jungle”, Super Bullsat, 20:05
  • “Stulecie Winnych” (TV series), TVP1, 20:15
  • “Codename HHhH,” TVP2, 21:00
  • “Dark Knight” TVN, 21:30
  • “Miss Marple” (serial), Epic Drama, 21:30
  • “Pan i Pani Smith”, Polsat, 22:05
  • “Rambo: First Blood”, TVN7, 22:20
  • “Above All”, TVP1, 22:20