weather.  Dangerous Lucifer in Southern Europe.  Will you come to our country?

  • In the coming days, southern Europe will fall under the influence of very hot air masses. The temperature will sometimes exceed 4045 st. NS
  • The highest temperatures were recorded in Andalusia, Spain
  • Heat waves will also appear in Poland, although they shouldn’t be too big and probably won’t last long
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The thermostat will be associated with an extensive high pressure system, which will expand throughout Central and Southern Europe. It would be powerful enough to stop all the lowlands and weather fronts in the north and northwest of the ancient continent and at the same time bring extremely hot air to many countries. In some places it will be the biggest heat wave of the year. We may be close to breaking records in the heat. We will also feel them in Poland.

heat wave in southern europe

“Lucifer” is already spreading in the southern part of Europe. Until the end of the week, from Italy to Spain, extremely high temperatures are expected, Along with the hot sun. By Friday, the main thermal core will be there over Italy. In Rome, the temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius, and in southern Italy it is almost 45 degrees Celsius. Therefore, at the end of the week, Andalusia is expected to experience almost record heat. In Cordoba and Seville, mercury bars will appear from 45 to 48 ° C. Temperatures range between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius in Zaragoza and Madrid.

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From Friday it will also get hot in Poland

Soon we will feel the effect of the hot air mass in Poland. The warming will begin tomorrow, when the maximum temperature in the west will reach 27 ° C, and on Friday it will be even hotter. In the West, we do not exclude even 30 ° C, Which means there will be heat. It will be colder in the east and in the middle – no more than 27 ° C.


Friday as temperatures soar in western Poland

Meanwhile, a thermal meltdown awaits us at the weekend. Cold air will flow over the northern regions, especially on Saturday, thermometers will show no more than 20-24 ° C. However, it will be hot in the rest of the country. infections. Here and there we advertise the full day until around 30-32°C, especially on Sunday afternoons. The rising temperatures in Poland will also go hand in hand with the dominance of the sunny corona. Showers and storms are only possible locally.


It will get much cooler in the north at the weekend. The rest of the country is still hot, even hot

The forecast for the beginning of next week is very dynamic for our country. On the other hand, Poland will enter from the northwest for a cold air front with precipitation and arctic sea air. Places in Germany after passing even during the day can be around 20°C.


The beginning of the week in Germany will bring a lot of cold

Meanwhile, from the south, an unusually hot air mass will want to enter Poland. It will certainly reach Hungary and southern Slovakia, where the temperature will exceed 35 ° C, and on the Hungarian Plain it can reach 40 ° C.


The sweltering heat on Monday will be outside our southern border

Current forecasts indicate that if the heat “breaks out” in Poland, it will cover only for a moment and will cover mainly the southern and southeastern provinces, Where we can deal with the temperature at the level at least 30°C I storms. The further north and northwest, the colder it is.


It’s going to be the start of the hottest week in the Southeast

From Tuesday, the cold should begin to spread gradually and in an increasingly larger area of ​​the country, the daytime temperature will be below 30 degrees Celsius. aura. It may rain, thunder and blow more often again. The heat will leave Roztocze at the latest.

At the same time, we would like to inform you of this Predictions of the exact extent of a heat wave remain highly variable. Although most models assume a dip in temperature from the west at the beginning of next week, there are single, extreme versions that keep the heat in Poland, until next Wednesday/Thursday.

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Source: Onet / wxcharts

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