We now know who will be the co-host of Children of TV after Edith Cochrane

Two months after the announcement of Edith Cochrane’s departure, we already know the identity of the person who will be running alongside Andre Raptail. TV kids.

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This Wednesday morning, Radio-Canada reported that Melanie Maynard would take over the chair that had been vacant in the aftermath.

Andreanne Gauthier

“I am just happy to be here TV kids. A show I already like, it’s always a sweet TV set to watch as a guest … now every week I come there, what a joy! I can not wait to find all of these archives, to participate in discussions with guests … and to tease them a little in my own way, ”said Melanie Maynard via Radio-Canada.

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In January, remember Edith Cochrane She announced that she was bowingAfter spending eight seasons in the set TV kids. His shooting was completed last January.

Penelope Roy

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For next season, on the 13th, filming will begin next May. It will air during the 2022-2023 TV season. Note that the show will be recorded in the new setting. So this is a must watch!

Let’s remember that TV kids Composed in 2010 by Véronique Cloutier and Antoine Bertrand, they will be there for four years. Andre Robidail and Edith Cochrane then took charge.

With her background in animation, TV and radio and her bubble personality, there is no doubt that Melanie will be perfect in this new role!

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