We may soon know the answer to how Neanderthals died

It is used to help scientists study the unused traces left by Neanderthals of this race. As it turns out, you can learn a lot about her…The effects of prehistoric fires.

Neanderthals are the most studied extinct human species. It is thanks to many preserved artifacts and fossils, especially intact skeletons. Many monuments have also survived due to the fact that they became extinct recently, about 40 thousand. years ago. When you think about it, it may be surprising to know that in this family of the human race we are the “little brother”.

But for some reason, we rule the planet today. Even if a large part of it was inhabited by Neanderthals, when our genetic ancestors were just beginning to expand. Therefore it is suspected That Neanderthals were killed by climate change.

However, for some reason, they also died when modern Homo sapiens began to conquer the continents. At that time, when the Neanderthals began to share the land with us. Evidence suggests that we did not get along well and engaged in fights between species. So it is also suspected We killed a Neanderthal.

Lots of suspicions and questions and no real answer. Despite the evidence, we still can’t say what happened to the closest “brother” to Homo sapiens in history. But maybe not for long.

The definitive answer is being sought by scientists from the European PALEOCHAR project that is investigating the possibility of extracting molecular information from the effects of fires. One of the geoarchaeologists working there, Carolina Malulm, presents an interesting opportunity to investigate the cause of the extinction of Neanderthals. Evidence to date, such as fossils or artifacts, does not provide a unified answer for the whole world. It’s supposed to change that Prehistoric dust and ash preserved in Neanderthal caves.

This is possible thanks to the organic matter they left in the fires. Malolm showed that from these prehistoric fires, fatty particles called lipids, preserved from meat and plants prepared by Neanderthals, may have survived. According to scientists’ estimates, fats should contain enough organic matter to be studied.

According to Malulm, thanks to the acquisition of this material It would be possible to learn about the life of a Neanderthal from the period of their extinction. This is key to finding out the answer to what actually led to the extinction.

If Mallum’s suspicions prove correct, it may well be true An answer to one of humanity’s greatest mysteriespreserved in imperceptible ashes, not common fossils or weapons.

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