“We Live in the Right Time”: A Touching Love Story with Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield

Florence Pugh I Andrew Garfield They star in A24’s “We Live in Time.” John Crowley, who helmed productions such as “Brooklyn” and “The Goldfinch,” is in the director’s chair. He also directed episodes of “Detective.” Nick Payne is in charge of the script.

The film is described as: “A funny, deeply moving and poignant love story.”A chance meeting between the two main characters changes their lives 180 degrees. A deep feeling develops between them, but the feeling will not last forever. They will face the woman’s difficult health situation.

In addition to Pugh and Garfield, the cast will include Adam James, Marama Corlett and Cara Lynch.

An animated trailer for the movie “We Live in Time” has been released. The title will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. It is not known when it will be shown in Polish cinemas. Watch the trailer here.

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