We live in several worlds at the same time?  The theory ignites the imagination of scientists!

Alone The concept of the multiverseThe concept of a multiverse, or multiverse, has been known practically since ancient times, however, the term multiverse itself was coined in 1960 by Andy Nimmo, who was then vice president of the Scottish branch of the British Interplanetary Society. The concept was created for a lecture on the multiverse interpretation of quantum physics.

Back to the multiverse itself, what is it really? The multiverse is a hypothetical collection of many universeswhich are described as other dimensions, parallel universes, quantum universes, alternate universes or alternate timelines, and exist at the same time as “our universe”.

Doctor Hugh Everett IIIan American physicist, developed the multiverse hypothesis, which he called: The multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics. In it, he stated that reality is a kind of infinitely branching “tree of life”, since in each branch of this tree (the legs of reality) everything that can happen can happen.

Every “state” is equally real in every parallel universe. In this concept, in the space of the “cosmic tree” is our Universe, from which other universes arose. New universes arise every time there is a choice (continuously) – that is, every time a quantum object has to make a choice, the universe splits into the appropriate number of variables. There can be an infinite number of parallel universesso there may be an infinite number of copies of ourselves living and living as we do, or their histories may be completely different.

Another hypothesis is M theorywhich is an 11-dimensional extension string theory. Here, the beginning of all universes was due to the collision of membranes in the 11-dimensional space. However, it is interesting that completely different laws of physics can exist in these dimensions.

It’s an interesting case Quantum gravity theoryWhere the assumption is is the existence of a “cosmic foam”, where each bubble is a microcosm dimension. It is supposed to be a quadrillion times smaller than the atomic scale and is supposed to form every second and exist for an instant. The bubbles aim to populate the universe on a quantum level. The author of this unusual concept was physicist John Wheeler, who proposed it as early as 1955. Interestingly enough, the aforementioned Everett was a PhD student with Wheeler. Some also believe that it is a known phenomenon deja vuit may be a “manifestation” from the penetration of other dimensions.

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Some of the academic community argues so The multiverse theory is not a legitimate subject of scientific researchRather, it is a philosophical concept, because this concept cannot be falsified empirically. This means that this theory cannot be refuted by scientific experiments yet.

In 2010, researchers analyzed data from Wilkinson microwave contrast probe He concluded that our universe collided with another parallel universe in the distant past. However, close examination of the WMAP and Planck satellite data showed no statistically significant evidence of such an event. Moreover, there was no evidence to suggest any attraction of other worlds relative to ours.

One of the main questions for skeptics is: How do you test the existence of other universes? To date, no experience confirms this 100%. existence after another. In addition, some experts charge that the multiverse theory has “no respect” for the limited possibilities of Mother Nature.

The cinema takes a handful of multiverse theory. The concept of the multiverse is currently being used for example. in the epic movie marvel, including for example in the TV series Loki, What If…? , or in Last Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, or In the latest Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantomania. Here, due to various coincidences and actions of characters, there is an opportunity to travel between worlds in which other copies of ourselves live. In this solution, the “other self” might look completely different (eg, have a different gender, skin color, and different facial features), but it would still be “us”. For example, in our world, for example, we are IT majors, and in another we could be a biologist (because we chose a different profile in high school), a shop clerk, a driver, or a painter. The multiverse also exists in CapitalWhere all worlds are interconnected through space and time – there are different versions of Earth here.

In the movie everywhere at once The main character has access to all the memories and abilities of all versions of their multiverse. On the one hand, she owns a laundry, on the other hand, she knows martial arts, and on the other hand, she is a chef. Another example of another footnote is the famous Stranger Things, where there is a world on the other side identical to ours, but dark and full of monsters.

Are there other worlds similar or different from ours? The concept of a multiverse sparks the imagination, but we won’t know the answer anytime soon.”what if?“.

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