We know how the largest prisons and detention centers in Poland voted

Take the Electoral Commission for District No. 1148. It is located in probably the most famous remand center in Poland, in Białowka in Warsaw. KO clearly wins there, as she received over 500 votes at this facility. As many as 219 letters were delivered to the former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Marcin Kirwinski. Meanwhile, only 28 votes were cast for PiS in Biaulica. Third Way also performed relatively well there, receiving 77 votes.

In Prison No. 1 in Wrocław, one of the largest such facilities in the country, Kuo also won clearly – it received 167 votes, compared to just 14 for PiS.

However, Warsaw and Wroclaw are considered liberal cities. So we investigated how voting was conducted in prisons in eastern Poland. However, in Biała Podlaska prison, KO also dominates, receiving 42 votes there. PiS had only 13, III – 9, and the Left – zero.

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