We have to create a whole new story - Kathleen Kennedy on the future of Star Wars
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May 30 2022, 09:31

The previous Star Wars celebration was a great opportunity to introduce new ideas about Star Wars. In one of the conversations, Kathleen Kennedy talked about the future of the universe.

With the president of Lucasfilm and related department star Wars The portal was interviewed on the occasion of the Star Wars Celebration GamesRadar. But do the answers you provide satisfy the lovers of this universe?

Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the next full length Movie The film will be shot by Taika Waititi, and production is scheduled to begin in 2023. Unfortunately, the Lucasfilm chief has not given a specific release date.

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More important, however, is the fact that we have received assurances that we will be starting work on an entirely new story. So this is something many fans have been waiting for, tired of focusing their stories around the Skywalker family. Let’s hope that in the future most projects will be based on new ideas, and not just fan service, which is forced to satisfy the die-hard fanatics of the universe.

We have to create a whole new story, there’s no doubt about that. However, this process takes a long time. Talks on this topic are ongoing.

The brand development makers seem to have finally made their mind up and intend to explore stories unrelated to the original story created by George Lucas. But will the creators be brave enough to try to create something new?

There are actually many stories in the world star WarsFeatured in diverse media suitable for an epic story on the big screen. Perhaps fans will finally see the movie version of Darth Revan or Kyle Catarn, better known from the series. Star Wars: Jedi Knight.

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