March 20, 2023


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We found out about Office 2021 pricing - I'm really amazed at them

We found out about Office 2021 pricing – I’m really amazed at them

The premiere of the latest Microsoft Office 2021 suite was announced on October 5th. The price users will pay is really amazing.

Microsoft’s Office suite premiere is nearing – find out about Office 2021 pricing

We don’t have to wait long for the possibility to purchase the latest version of Office 2021. The bundle will be available now October 5And with it Microsoft will release Windows 11.

When deciding to purchase Office, we can choose between two versions (depending on the user’s needs and potential use for commercial purposes).

This is what the new Microsoft Office 2021 will look like – all in line with current trends in app design

The cheapest version is for Home users and students rated at $149.99 (about 600 PLN), and the programs included in it are: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Teams.

copy for Home users and small businesses It’s the cost $249.99 (about PLN 1000) In addition to the previously mentioned programs, Outlook will also be here.

The price is amazing, but fortunately positive. There was no increase regarding Office 2019

The latest version of Office 2021 does not offer many significant novelties compared to the previous version of 2019 (there will be, among other things, dark mode or the Line Focus function), but given the announced price increases for Microsoft 365 – a slightly higher cost can be expected.

However, it turns out that the Redmond giant has decided to keep the previous prices – perhaps out of fear of competition from Google’s cloud solutions or Libre Office.

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Please note that by purchasing a physical version of Office 2021, we are not entitled to upgrade to the next version.