March 25, 2023


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“We Don’t Talk About It Anymore”: Nagui Makes a Big Mistake on Don’t Forget Lyrics

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, in the collection of Don’t Forget lyrics, Nagy did not respect the choice of a candidate who did not want to discuss his work on the show. Thus, the one who came to try his luck against the current maestro seems very embarrassed.

On Thursday, March 2, 2023, Nagui once again assumed the helm of a new magazine. Don’t forget the lyrics. As with all his programs, he likes to get to know the candidates. Thus, even though his files indicated that he should not mention the occupation of the one who came to confront the current maestro, he could not help but do so. “Danny, did you come to sing or do you work in the civil service, finance and tax because our maestro has 254,000 euros?“, the presenter began before insisting:”Is it for control or not?“Being noticed, the candidate responded with even more humor:”I don’t want to say it, but yes“.

A little later on the show, she assured me that she had not actually come in Don’t forget the lyrics Talk about his work. “Excuse me, but can you confirm that the winnings are equal to the tax at the same time?“, then Melanie Page’s husband allowed himself to intervene.”Yes it is similar to tax… I think“, Danny replied. Not really sure of himself, Nagui immediately turned around.”Why did you add ‘I think’? You are all crazy Game winners Now“, he began.”I won’t say anything. Today we are not talking about work“, began Danny, who then wanted to go.

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Although the candidate asked him to stop talking about his work, Nagui did not relent

Yes, yes, yes, we’re going to talk about the tax authorities anyway. To me, I’ve always been told: ‘Cash gain equals tax’.“, underscored the host, who allowed himself to reveal the candidate’s true role within the tax department. “JYou feel lost“, enough to embarrass the candidate a little more,” he said.No I didn’t lose. But I really don’t know anything about taxes“, Danny agreed.