"We decided to be a modern family" - Melissa Petard

Melissa Bedard and her husband, Carl Fordier, form an exemplary mixed family because she decided to take care of home and children as she multiplied her professional plans. Opportunity to allow him to accept all kinds of orders, including animation of a new program called Happy Storage in Gaza.

If Mélissa Bédard can be professionally fun by touching all sorts of things, then she knows that her loved ones are safe at home. Like many, the epidemic has plagued the tribal system. “It was a complete mess when schools were closed. We had six children at home: five were going to school online and the youngest had no daycare.

Carl was very happy to take a short break from work for both his classmates and my daughters.

But the couple finally decided to keep this system working better. “We decided to be a modern family. Dad is at home, Mom works: it’s a system we see more and more and it makes a lot more sense if the characters are reversed.

“It’s a choice we made together. I have an extraordinary boyfriend: Thanks to him, our family lives in a beautiful balance! Especially since we realized we could not ask grandma to have a baby; she did not even know how wifi works at home, and children benefit from another family movement because they do not do with dad the same things they do with mom. ”Carl is sporty, but I’m not. But there is a good balance in everything, and I am still at home more often.

After all, this system allows Melissa to do things that appeal to her. “I choose the things that make me grow. I make no plans for money. I choose based on what it brings me internally and what it allows me to learn. I really like to please people and bring them to light.

At his new show Happy Storage at CASA, Miley Howl specializes in storage and organization, with Howell Moranci, helping artists restore order to a room in their home. “Most people think they’re neat, but the storage Mylene is designed to go further. It’s an organization that aims to help with everyday life so that everything can be easily organized and stored. Mylene is going to show us that it’s very easy to access. We’ll take the basket out of the shower and put it back in the closet. We do not have to look for anything, it’s easy to change.

Quebec’s new “Mary Condo” agrees that this storage system will take more time. “For example, we’ve talked about an average of 40 to 42 hours’ work per kitchen.

In addition to this new show, Melissa can be seen on TVA in the new season of Squad 99, where she portrays the blonde character of Guy Jodoin. She began filming a new documentary series for the Wroy site in which she goes to meet ordinary mothers who live extraordinary everyday lives. He continues his tour of shows throughout Quebec, and he is also preparing some surprises, which will be announced later.

The Happy Storage program is offered at CASA on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. The second season of Escouade 99 airs Tuesdays at 7:30 pm on TVA. To find out all the dates of the singer shows, go to melissabedard.com.

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