We ask Polish women living abroad about the elections

This impressive increase in the number of registered voters abroad is indicated by the clear involvement of Poles living abroad in the affairs of their homeland. Although geographically separated from Poland, their emotional ties and national identity remain strong. Polish women abroad often maintain close ties with Polish culture, language and traditions, which shapes their sense of duty to the country.

Iga Strzalka, who has lived in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, for two years, treats participating in elections as obvious – there is an election, you go to vote. But now, after living abroad, that clarity is also a challenge. It became complicated when the point was not 500 meters away, but a five-hour journey across two different countries – there is no polling station in Bishkek, and the nearest polling station is in Almaty, Kazakhstan. “I can save some time by deciding to ride with a Central Asian taxi driver who can drive at up to 240 kilometers per hour, with a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour. I also hope that I will not encounter any difficulties this time.” At the border. With good winds in both directions, I’ll spend a total of about seven hours. “If you decide on the safe option, with city transportation – about eleven hours.”

A similar journey awaits Jadwiga Matelska, who has been living for four years in the picturesque Econonzo region of Colombia, where only one electoral commission has been created – in Bogotá. Despite her advanced pregnancy, she does not want to give up voting, even though the journey will take up to five hours by car or bus along winding mountain roads. — Unfortunately, I know that some Colombian citizens living in other cities in Colombia (for example on the Caribbean coast, about 1,000 km away) had to resign from participating in the elections due to logistical difficulties and costs of flying to the capital, he says. “Round-trip plane tickets cost at least several hundred zlotys, and there is often the issue of accommodation, the need to take a vacation, etc.”

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