“We are already seeing such a global trend”

“We are already witnessing such a trend in the world. However, the global benefits enjoyed by vaccinated and convalescent people will remain unchanged” – said Carsten Spohr in an interview with the “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung”. The interview was published on Saturday.

For example, you can only enter the United States at this time if we provide two COVID-19 related certificates. about full Vaccination against corona virus And a negative test result. “Such regulations will certainly appear in other countries” – predicts the head of the Lufthansa Group, stressing that it will be a very good solution.

Practically everyone is already vaccinated.

According to Karsten Spohr, the benefits of vaccination are enormous and all countries that care for their citizens should follow the example of the Austrians, who introduced compulsory vaccination as of February 2022. The group.

“In Switzerland and Austria, all employees who interact with passengers have already been vaccinated. In Germany, the vaccination rate in our airline is now up to 90%. At the moment, on domestic flights on domestic routes, we work on the basis of the third generation principle, such as geimpf (vaccine), genezen (heal), getestet (tested). And only such people can be on our deck.” Karsten Spohr says last Saturday.

At the same time, the head of the LH group lamented that the vaccination level of Germans (68.2%) is clearly lower than in other Western European countries.

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