“We all know I’m not going to get this role.” This is how bad Hugh Jackman is as Wolverine

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July 4, 2024, 3:40 PM

While promoting Deadpool and Wolverine, Hugh Jackman recalled the times he tried out for a role in the first X-Men movie. As it turns out, the audition didn’t go well and the actor got the job because the creators were “desperate.”

Image source: Deadpool and Wolverine, Shawn Levy, Marvel, 2024


Deadpool and Wolverine It’s hitting the big screens this month, and the creators are promoting the show in interviews with industry magazines. In conversation with Entertainment Weekly Hugh Jackman, who is returning as Wolverine in the new Marvel show, recalls the times when he was He tried out for a role in the first movie. X man. However, the test did not go as the actor had hoped..

Let’s remember that Dougray Scott was originally supposed to play Wolverine, but due to commitments related to his appearance in Mission Impossible 2 I decided to withdraw. Creators of the show X man So they had to quickly find an alternative. For an actor.

This is where Hugh Jackman comes in. After failing the audition, he was convinced he would not be in the film.As it turns out, the actor had to read lines to director Bryan Singer on set when screenwriter Tom DeSanto, who was sitting next to him, kept shushing him.

He kept saying, ‘Quiet, quiet, quiet.’ And eventually, I couldn’t hear myself anymore. I could tell he was thinking, ‘Why should I be listening to someone on my lunch break while I’m auditioning for a role I’ve already done?'” Hugh Jackman recalls being furious.

After Kevin Feige’s audition, Then an assistant on the film and now the head of Marvel Studios, Jackman invited him to dinner.Which the actor still remembers well to this day.

I said, ‘Kevin, we all know I’m not going to get this part. You don’t have to take me out to dinner.’ But we had steak together and he drove me to the airport. I’ll never forget that. It was beautiful. I thought I’d never see him again.

Kevin Feige admitted that the star was initially rejected, but not just because of the audition. The actor was considered too tall for the role. – In the comics, Wolverine is short. However, in the end, Hugh Jackman got the job because – as Marvel’s president revealed today – The filmmakers were “desperate

Deadpool and Wolverine It will be released in theaters on July 26.

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