Water park Płock 3D.  What does a swimming pool built in cross section look like? [FILM] – Petronews

The water park contractor in The Block, Irbid, has released a video of the 3D scan of the facility under construction. For what purpose was this type of study conducted?

The video posted by Warbud shows the use of 3D scanning for inventory purposes, as well as for managing the water park facility in Płock.

We make sure that the investment reflects the design assumptions. This type of database facilitates continuous multidisciplinary coordination of projects already in the construction phase. It is a permanent inventory trace of a stage being glossed over. It helps in the proper operation or elimination of possible malfunctions of the systems and devices installed in the building – explains Warbud.

Let us remind you that the water park under construction in Płock, which was carried out by Warbud SA in the “design, build, finance and maintenance” formula, has an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. square meters and it is built in ul. Miodowa – hence the name “Miodolanka”.

– The huge saturation of technological installations, characteristic of water parks, means that hundreds of meters of pipes of different diameters intersect ventilation, water and sewage systems in a fairly small volume of the aquarium – describes Warbud’s investment.

Many of these measurements will be taken during construction.

Płock School is disappearing. There will be a swimming pool at this site [ZDJĘCIA]

Who will own the new pool, how big is the parking lot and who will renovate it?

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