Water minerals have been found on Mars.  The orbits contributed to the progress...

Mars is modern A very dry and hostile planet. However, there is evidence that it has not always been this way, and that its face has changed over the past billion years. in the distant past Mars was a lot like EarthThe water was floating on its surface.

Scientists are now trying to determine the areas where the water reservoirs once were, using this purpose Data collected by Mars orbiters.

Use of data from Mars Express (ESA mission) and Mars reconnaissance vehiclewe were able to create a detailed map of the surface of Mars, containing Information about mineral deposits on the red planet.

As commented by GIZMODO John Carter of the Aerospace Institute in Paris – This is a kind of Mars simplification. Thanks to it, it became possible to determine the places that existed billions of years ago There was water.

This project, according to the European Space Agency, has been going on for a decade. Before its implementation begins, scientists They know that there are minerals typical of water in less than a thousand rock formations On the fourth planet from the sun. Now they know about hundreds of thousands of websites.

This work proved that when studying ancient sites in detail, not seeing these minerals is actually quite odd. Carter said. We are talking about minerals typical of the presence of large waters that interact with rocks. Among them there are different types mud and salt.

New discoveries show how Water played an important role in shaping the geology of Mars Several billion years ago. However, it is still not known whether the presence of water on Mars was constant or if it occurred periodically.

The map was created thanks to the Martian orbits, and it directly indicates the areas that will dispel this and many other uncertainties. they will be on it Ideal landing sites for future Mars missions. There is a possibility that some areas may have Water ice hiding under the surface.

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