Wargirls 4, Episode 44: Erka's Funeral.  Desperate parents Jadwiga and Adam won't be able to bury her in the family grave - photos

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Wargirls 4, Episode 44: Erka’s Funeral. Desperate parents Jadwiga and Adam won’t be able to bury her in the family grave – photos

Erka (Marta Mazurk) from “Wargirls” episode 44, will she be buried in secret so the Germans can’t find her grave? Erica’s tragic death will affect not only her friends, but also her parents. Jadwiga (Danuta Stenka) and Adam (Robert Gonera) in “War Girls” 4 episode 44 won’t be able to fathom the reality of their daughter’s death. Brother Witek (Michał Czernecki) also will not accept the fact that Irka died, and that the process of getting her out of the hands of the Germans ended with a fatal bullet. In these shocking moments, Erka’s funeral will become a matter of honor, honoring the deceased. But Szczęśni will hear that they cannot bury her in the family tomb at Powązki. why?

“Wargirls” Season 4, Episode 44 – Sunday, October 17, 2021, at 20.15 on TVP1

Marta Mazurk left WarGirls, and Erka’s death after she was captured by the Germans marked the 31-year-old actress’ farewell with the production. Why was Erka killed and Mazurek left the “Wargirls” team where she had played from the start? The creators of the series do not reveal, but it is certain that the script of the fourth season was written in such a way that one of the main characters says goodbye to life. This is why a new girl, Nitka (Maja Szopa) joins the plot. It is she who will replace the deceased Erka in the resistance group. After Erica’s death, a series of dramatic events will occur that will affect the fates of her friend Ewa (Vanessa Alexander) and Marcia (Alexander Bisol).

Watch in our gallery from Episode 44 “War Girls” after Erka’s death >>>

In episode 44 of WarGirls 4, after the death of Erka, all relatives of the deceased will mourn the process of reclaiming Chesna from the hands of the Germans. Ewa will blame Nitka, whose rifle malfunctioned at the most important moment and did not shoot the enemy when Erka left the bunker. Erka’s desperate parents, Jadwiga and Adam, will want to bury their only daughter in the family home in Powązki. Driving the Polish subway, Kroc (Bowicz Malaczynski) and Leukadia (Magdalena Czerwinska), however, will warn the police about the danger of this. These will be exceptionally painful moments for Jadwiga and Adam.

Erka’s funeral in Episode 44 of “Wargirls” must take place in complete secrecy, so that no one traces the grave of the dead girl or anyone from the resistance group. Marcia promises Erica’s parents that she will find a suitable place for her friend’s grave. At the same time, you will struggle with doubts about feeling more intrigued. Hope will be lost at the end of the war and a return to normal life. Eve, too, will be a mess. Even her meeting with Wittek in Episode 44 of “War Girls” won’t please her. Nitka will also collapse because she died because of her…

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