“War under the rug” at the head of the Russian power.  Shoigu’s days are numbered.  Be a scapegoat

The war waged by Russia in Ukraine lasted nearly nine months. The situation at the front shows it Moscow He had little success. The last defeat is the surrender of Kherson, which the Russians occupied in the winter. After all, a pseudo-referendum was recently held there, as a result of which the occupied territory became part of Russia.

As Micha³ Potocki said on TOK FM, the necessity of leaving Kherson represents an even greater failure of the Kremlin’s image, From the restoration of the Kharkiv region by the Ukrainians. There are voices in the Kremlin’s back office that something must be done about it. The question is what and what exactly, – added the journalist “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

“Sergei Shoigu is burning”

Let us recall that the decision to withdraw the Russians from Kherson was announced on November 9 by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and General Sergei Surovkin. According to the assessment of the “Contact” guest, this event and the fact that Vladimir Putin seems to completely distance himself from the failures of the army may indicate that the defense minister will blame him.

– Sergei Shoigu’s days as Minister of Defense are numbered. Sooner or later, he will become the main scapegoat for the Russian defeats at the front and the failure of the so-called special military operation. Obviously, representatives of other power structures are preparing to throw Shoigu into the conflagration, It is headed by the founder of the Wagner Group – Yevgeny Prigozhin. All this makes it possible to talk about a war under the rug. Michal Potocki, in an interview with Jakob Janisewski, stressed Russia is at a turning point where it must come to terms.

“Putin is in bunker, Zelensky visits newly liberated cities”

after capture Kherson by the Ukrainians, Volodymyr Zensky very quickly visited the city. However, the Russians, still close to the city, could attempt to strike while the Ukrainian leader was visiting. Meanwhile, we have not once witnessed the visit of the Russian president to the front.

Although – as Potocki said – at the beginning of the war it could have been assumed that it was rather Putin, “because the KGB strongman, the man who repeatedly pointed out the ideals of manhood, would be the one who visits his soldiers in front of me.”

— and Ze³enski — as a former actor and man from not-so-serious industry — would be the one to flee to the West to set up a presidency in exile. It turned out to be quite the opposite. Putin is sitting in a bunker, while the President of Ukraine visits all the newly liberated cities. This photo is an amazing success for Ukrainians in the information war, said guest Yakub Janisevsky, as it shows that the real alpha male is not Putin, but Zniczynski.

“Broken backbone of Western European countries”

So what can the Russians do in the near future? According to the DGP journalist, Moscow will try to “freeze the front as it is now and wait until winter.” – And during the winter, Russia will want to break the spine of Western European countries that support Ukrainians during the energy crisis. In the meantime, they will also try to train and motivate newly mobilized reservists and possibly attempt another offensive in February or March next year, TOK FM guest assesses.

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