War between Russia and Ukraine - maps.  What is the situation at the front?  Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol

  • On the northern front, activities are intensifying around Kyiv with the aim of encircling the city
  • In the east, Kharkiv is still under fire. The city is not giving up, but the situation is getting more and more difficult
  • In the south, we witness the drama of Mariupol being trapped and shot. Russian forces seized the areas of the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine
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The theater of military operations can be divided into three zones depending on the direction of attacks of Russian forces. These are the northern, southern and eastern regions. The march of the Russian troops looks completely different on both fronts.

Northern front. Attack on Kyiv and attempt to encircle the city

It would seem that the Russian offensive from Belarus, with the aim of capturing Kyiv, was stopped. Satellite images taken by Maxar Technologies ships earlier this week He revealed that a convoy of more than 60 kilometers was heading towards the Ukrainian capital. However, the United States reports several problems with the logistical supplies of the Russian forces assembled near Kyiv, which means that the huge convoy has been stuck for several days.

Photo: Rafał Kowalczyk / Onet

Theoretically, a Russian convoy with a length of about 65 km in Zakopane would block all the way from Krakow to Rabka-Zdrój

The Russians can’t move this convoy to Kyiv, but for the past 24 hours. They are trying to break the deadlock they have created.

– The main efforts of the Russians were focused on encircling Kyiv and weakening the resistance in the blocked positions – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported Friday morning.

We know that heavy fighting continues to the northwest of the capital. Especially violent clashes occur in three neighboring cities – Hostomel (where the airport is located – Tahrir), Bokza and Irpio. Ukrainian forces also launched a counterattack on the town of Makarov. It seems that the Ukrainian armed forces want to secure the road linking Kyiv to Zhytomyr.

Photo: Rafał Kowalczyk / Onet

Map showing the attack of Russian forces on Kyiv

A serious problem for Ukraine is the fact that the Russians are trying to encircle Kyiv at any cost. Hence the reports of the penetration of Russian troops, as well as those that fell south of the Kyiv-Zhytomyr road. Russian forces gather in the vicinity of Byszów and south towards the town of Fastów.

From the north-east of Kyiv, we still hear about the defense of Chernihiv, which is subjected to fierce bombardment by the Russians every day.

But from Chernihiv, Russian forces moved south in an attempt to encircle Kyiv from the east. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that “the enemy has regrouped to continue its offensive on Brovary.”

Eastern Front. The Russians bombard Kharkiv mercilessly

Kharkiv, which many military experts say will collapse on the first day, is still fighting back. I have been under heavy fire for over a week. The missiles hit, among other things, administrative buildings, hospitals and kindergartens.

In the reports of journalists one can see the tragedy of the population. The photos show the massive devastation caused by the Russians.

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine and an important industrial, scientific, commercial and cultural center no less than Kyiv. No wonder its capture is so important to the Russians. However, here also they encounter stiff resistance from the Ukrainians who, despite the deteriorating humanitarian situation, do not intend to surrender.

From here and here the Russians are trying to do a circular maneuver. Joining some of their forces fighting in the Luhansk region, they want to storm Ukraine by attacking the less densely populated roads between Kharkiv and Luhansk.

The Ukrainians also had few successes here. The Ukrainian army launched its offensive for the first time since the beginning of the Russian aggression. Soldiers moved to the outskirts of Horovka controlled by pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk region – The administration adviser to the President of Ukraine, Oleksiy Aristovich, said on Wednesday. But it did not last long. Fighting is still fierce in the area.

The battles in the Donbass – as well as for the past eight years – are still fierce.

North of Kharkiv, there are still major clashes near the city of Konotop. Let us remind you: this is the city where the mayor went to the residents and announced that the Russian army had given an ultimatum: if the residents resisted, they would be destroyed by artillery. Włodarz, with the assembled residents, voted for more fighting. A guerrilla war is also taking place near the city of Sumy. Ochtyrka was also shot badly.

Southern Front. March to Odessa: the capture of Kherson and the nuclear power plant

The most difficult situation for the Ukrainians in the south. The large forces stationed in Crimea launched a major offensive since the beginning of the invasion. Russian troops attacked from the side of the peninsula in three directions: east, north and west.

Photo: Rafał Kowalczyk / Onet

Offensive directions in the south

In the east, the city of Melitopol surrendered after several days of fighting. And although residents took to the streets with Ukrainian flags every day as part of the protest, the area is considered occupied. The Russians moved to the east. Berdyansk was conquered And a port in the city. Another target is Muriapol, which was heavily attacked and bombed by Russian forces from two regions: invading forces and separatists from Donetsk Oblast. It is an important port on the Black Sea, and one of the largest in Ukraine.

Moving north from Crimea, Russian forces attacked the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Enerhodara. It is the largest operating nuclear power plant in Europe. Troops surrounded the city and nearby objects, and then began firing. On the ninth day of the war, the area of ​​the power plant was occupied.

To the west, the Russians are slowly moving towards Odessa – the largest port in Ukraine and the third most numerous city. However, on the way, the troops encountered a difficult defense. The battles took place in Kherson for several days. The control of the city passed between the invaders and the defenders. Finally, a week after the invasion began, the city surrendered. The mayor of the city, Ihor Kulekhaev, reported that he spoke in the city administration building with representatives of the Russian forces to ask “not to shoot people.”.

The further march towards Odessa means the necessity of occupying Mikowagyu. Fierce battles have been going on here for several days. The Russian side suffers heavy losses, as shown below:

On Friday, March 4, Vitaly Kim, head of the authorities of the Mykolaiv Oblast, announced that fighting was continuing in certain parts of the city, but Russian troops had entered the city.

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