Volleyball players in ME.  We know the competitors of the Poles in the fight for the bronze medal.  A difficult task awaits us

The renewed Italian team is causing a sensation in the European Championships. They defeated Serbia 3:1 in the semi-finals on Saturday. They only lost three sets en route to the finals. Thus, Polish volleyball players will play with the Balkan team for the bronze medal.

Arcadius Dudziak

Italy national team in the match against Germany

PRESS MATERIAL / CEV / Pictured: Italy in the match against Germany

In the second semi-final of the European Volleyball Players Championship, the Serbs faced Italy. For young players from the Apennine Peninsula, reaching the semi-finals was a huge success. In turn, the Balkan team defended the title. They were not promoted to the Tokyo Olympics, so the Old Continent’s tournaments were their goal. In the final, Slovenia was waiting for the winners of the meet. In return, the Poles will play for bronze.

The Serbs started the meeting brilliantly. The Balkans pressed them by playing and blocking them outright and thanks to ace Srećko Lisinac they were leading 8:4. The team from the Apennine Peninsula had no intention of giving up and led to a draw thanks to the excellent match Alessandro Micheletto. After a while, the match was tied, the Italians jumped by two points, but their rivals quickly tied. In the end, the advantage game was the last game. The first match ended with an attack by Marko Ivovich (27:29).

The Serbs went better in the second match thanks to an excellent performance by Urus Kovacevic. However, the Italians presented themselves more effectively in the offensive. Their leader was Micheletto. In addition, Italy began to read the opponents’ match better (11:9). Nemanja Petrić made a good substitute, who sent an ace and the result was on the touch again. Later, the score hovered around a tie almost to the end. The reaction against Galassi turned out to be decisive, and the match ended with a crushing blow from Giulio Biennale (25:22).

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The start of the third set was very even, but the Serbs jumped back thanks to the skilled Kovacevic. However, the Italians responded with a play that allowed them to draw very quickly. The Serbs were still “eyes” in the lead thanks to better service. But the Italians equalized because they read their opponents’ game more effectively all the time. Once again, the score was on the point of convergence to the end, but this time the Serbs turned out to be better thanks to Kovacevic’s counterattack.

The angry Italians pressed their opponents from the start of the fourth match. Giannelli played brilliantly, Micheletto was superb on the net (5:0). Although the Serbs got close to their rivals thanks to Petricio’s lucky play, the Italians presented themselves better in every element of their volleyball craft and were already 12:6 ahead. The Balkans had their chances, but they threw the counters into the cars. In the end, Italy dominated the finish and won by 25:18.

This means that the Italian team will play the Slovenes in the Grand Final on Sunday. In turn, the Serbs will be the opponent of the Poles in the battle for the bronze.

Serbia-Italy 1-3 (27:29, 22:25, 25:23, 18:25)

Serbia: Kovasevich, Ivovich, Jovovich, Luboric, Podraskanin, Lisinak, Magstorovich (Libero) Oraz Okulich, Petrić, Krsmanovic, Atanasievic

Italy: Giannelli, Galassi, Anzani, Micheletto, Lavia, Biennale, Palazzo (Libero) Oraz Spartoli

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