Volleyball players in ME.  Poland – Belgium.  Grzegorz Łomacz and ukasz Kaczmarek are the heroes of the meeting

For the first time during this year’s European Championship The victory of “Piao Xerunich” was indisputable. In previous matches in Krakow, they had lost at least one set at a time, giving fans unplanned feelings, even in matches with lower-ranked Greece and Portugal. With Belgium, which is a stronger team than both, the Poles were in control of everything. – This is our fastest win so far in this tournament, we are pleased with this turn of events – confirms Łomacz.

The second quarterback of the Polish team started the match at the start of the sixth match. He’s waited a long time for a chance from coach Vital Heinen. The Belgian coach in the midfield position strictly adheres to a fixed hierarchy – Fabian Drzyzga is number one. As a result, Łomacz spent almost the entire Olympic Games in Tokyo in the reserve arena. True, with Greece Heinen appointed him as a player in the starting six, but during the match he was presented by Drzyzga.

It was different with Belgium, but Łomacz was in charge of the match most of the time. His opponent in the top six spent only a few minutes on the field in double bouts. For many months, we miss playing in front of the fans. We are very happy that they are back in the lounges and hope they stay that way. For two months since the start of the League of Nations in Rimini, I haven’t played much in a match. I’m glad I was able to help the team on the pitch. But God forbid there was no desire to prove anything to anyone. However, there was a hunger for the game – as Łomacz argues.

The 2019 world champion did well with Kaczmarek. The team’s attacking substitute also could not count on many minutes from Heinen, but in the match with Greece he was full of energy and was the driving force for the whole team. Łomacz also had his share in the game of such a friend. We are a harmonious duo, which we had the opportunity to show on the pitch with Belgium. We have been training together practically since the beginning of the national team season. During the match against Belgium, there was a lot of positive energy in the team, as well as from the side, from the boys. The whole hall lived with the match – points out of the middle.

After four wins in four matches Poland is the leader of Group A. However, in order to finish the group stage in first place, it is also likely to win the last match against Ukraine. However, this is only on Wednesday. Before that, Beau Zervonch will have a day of rest. “Our goal is first place in the group. We also look at group C, but we will see what fate it will bring. A day off? There will be no great sightseeing in Krakow, but rather a renovation and a light gym, ”predicts Somach.

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