March 29, 2023


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"Voice of Poland 12".  Marta Burdynowicz wins the show!  This is how she claimed victory for herself [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

“Voice of Poland 12”. Marta Burdynowicz wins the show! This is how she claimed victory for herself [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Behind us is the grand finale of the twelfth edition of “Voice of Poland”, in which four very talented singers faced each other: Marta Bordenowicz, Victor Deduca, Rafai Kozik and Bartos Madij. There can only be one winner.

On Saturday, December 4 took place Finalist of the twelfth edition of the musical “Voice of Poland”. It was faced by four singers: March Burdynowicz (Team Justyna Steczkowska), Victor Deduca (Thompson & Barron Team), Rafai Kosik (Team Siluya Grzeszczak) and Bartosh Madej (Marek Bikarczyk’s team). The finalists beat thousands of other nominees and delighted the audience with their votes. But there can only be one winner.

“Voice of Poland 12”. Who won the program?

Who will win the twelfth edition of “Voice of Poland”, Viewers decided. In the final, which was divided into three stages, their voices decided who would still have a chance to perform on stage, and who would say goodbye to the competition before the end of the episode. By decision of the public Marta was the winner of the show BurdynowiczUnder the auspices of Justyna Steczkowska. This season it was she who received the title of “Best Voice in Poland”, 50 thousand zlotys and a contract with a record company.

Marta Bodrynovic wins “The Voice of Poland” 12

Marta Bordenwich, The only singer in this year’s finalsShe starred on the stage of “The Voice of Poland” thanks to the song “Szklanka Woda” from the repertoire of Bajm. during performance All coaches turned around. Marta made her decision Choose Justyna Steczkowska as your teacher. In fights, she and Wiktor Kowalski sing “My Heart Will Go On” from the Celine Dion repertoire. By the decision of the coach, it was she who won the musical match. An extraordinary knockout performance, during which the finalist performed “I’ll Never Love Again” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, secured her a place in the live episodes. for the first time Marta Bordenwich’s single “No Shame” Viewers first heard of last Saturday’s semi-final.

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