Vladimir Putin: The President of Ukraine has one year left

“Direct war with Russia” – this is how Vladimir Putin assessed attacks with Western weapons on targets in Russia. The Russian President stressed that Moscow will respond. In his speech, he devoted much time to US policy. He stated that Washington wants to “replace” Zelensky in 2025.

Wednesday in St. Petersburg Russian President Vladimir Putin He participated in a meeting with representatives of news agencies organized by the Russian TASS agency.

He stated that they were in Ukraine “Advisors and trainers” from Western countries. He added that they are “incurring losses” that the West is covering up. Putin also pointed to the long-range weapons provided to Kiev by the allies. These missiles include HIMARS and Storm Shadow.

Recently, Ukraine was able to convince its Western partners that the Ukrainian army is capable of attacking targets located on Russian territory with such weapons. “Objectives Chosen by Western specialists“Moscow has no illusions about this matter,” Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying by TASS.

Putin threatens the West: Moscow will respond

He added: “Russia has the right to supply weapons to areas of the world from which attacks will be carried out Sensitive objects “The countries that supply Kiev with weapons,” the Russian President said during a meeting with agencies.

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He further stated that “strikes against the Russian Federation with the participation of Western countries mean their direct war with it Russia“Moscow will respond.”

In his opinion, “The United States must stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, and then the conflict will end within two or three months.”

Putin to Zelensky: They will tolerate him until 2025

Putin also put forward the thesis that Western countries are supposed to have prepared successors to the President of Ukraine. “United State They will tolerate Zelensky until the spring of 2025 and then replace him” – He said.

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He also said that Washington should insist on Kiev because Ukrainian authorities lowered the mobilization age to 18.

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