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The number of young patients is still increasing. What attacks their immune system? In an interview with the Polish News Agency, Dr. Lydia Stupira explained that it is about RSV, influenza, COVID-19, meningitis and other diseases typical of children. There have also been cases of polio in Ukraine. “If we neglect vaccination, polio from Ukraine may also threaten Poland” – emphasizes the professor. Włodzimierz Gut.

“There were injuries, but such family occupation was rare.”

In an interview with the Polish News Agency Pediatrician I Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Lydia Stupira From the specialist hospital Stefan Siromsky in Krakow admits it They go to the attachment young patients COVID-19, influenza, meningitis, ‘other childhood diseases’ and RSV.

Dr. Lydia Stupira noted that before the epidemic at this time of year (early November), there were not that many children in hospitals. “There were injuries, but such family occupation was rare.” – Gives a PAP.

earlier peak RSV infection He was In early December and January. According to the Twój Zdrowie portal, it causes acute respiratory infectionsespecially Serious bronchiolitis to speak In the first two years of life. most vulnerable There are newborns, infants and young children. Causes RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) Respiratory infections. quickly It leads to shortness of breath. Adult and junior range They pass it very gently. for premature babies It may be, though deadly. Subsequently, May require hospitalization in the intensive care unit.

Two groups of patients

Dr. Lydia Stupera explains it now Two groups of patients accumulated Young children and the elderly infected with RSV They would have gotten a call sooner had it not been for the lockdown. Some time ago, Adam Cherwinsky from the Institute “Polish Maternal Health Center” explained: just kids They didn’t go to kindergarten, they didn’t go to school, they all wore masks, Therefore, there were fewer cases in children. Now the children are back in these places There are more cases and sections bursting at the seams.

Polio, influenza and COVID-19

Not only RSV, but also influenza and COVID-19. Covid beds slowly on children’s wards Running out. Children are taken out of the house As soon as possible. In Ukraine, it was discovered Polio infections. Cases were found in Ukrainian Transcarpathia. touches of polio Mostly children under 5 years old. However, it is also dangerous for adults. Symptoms include these, A feature of influenza. can cause Nerve damage, paresis, or muscle paralysis. poliomyelitis is a fatal disease, Pregnancy By ingestion or spray. As confirmed in an interview with PAP, A. Włodzimierz Gut, If we neglect vaccinations, Polio from Ukraine could threaten Poland too.

The forgotten disease returns. It is especially dangerous for children

Poliovirus infection has been reported in consecutive young patients. In the area where infection was reported, only 49 percent of patients were vaccinated. None of the children who contracted the disease were vaccinated.

RSV is dangerous to children. There are not enough places in the hospitals

Respiratory syncytial virus return. There are not enough places in the pediatric departments of hospitals. Extra bed required. RSV spreads quickly. Newborns, infants, and young children are most at risk. deadly…

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